9 Easy 3-Ingredient Desserts

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  1. epifny9614 says:

    tasty love Oreos to absolute excess. either that or oreo is paying them

  2. Abdus Shahid says:

    Seen these recipes probably about 59 time

  3. Andrew Inoue says:

    Why does the music sorta sound like Goosebunps at some points

  4. Ya casi cinco millones de suscriptores , lo ve tasty y quisiera comerme toda sus recetas ! ♥

  5. aangelicc m says:

    the oreo truffle is really good.
    Try making it with colorful candy melts and golden oreos, its delicious

  6. I thought one wasn't supposed to thaw and refreeze ice cream…

  7. Why does everything have to include sandwich cookies!!??

  8. Scarlett says:

    Brownie batter and cookie dough require more than 3 ingredient to make… how is that 1 ingredient

  9. Can u just microwave the creme brulee because im not aboutta wait for my single serving 3am creme brulee for 45 minutes in my oven.

  10. Koffebean says:

    Calm down they can’t upload every second and day it takes time to think of idea, and the reason they re-upload is because is easier to find recipes, like say I was wanted to find chocolate chip cookie recipe and I can’t find on tasty Chanel I could find it in classic cookie complication. Please calm down this is amazing Chanel!!

  11. Phoenix says:

    I would've eaten all the ingredients before even making the recipe

  12. 3 ingredients
    cookie dough
    Cookie sandwiches
    and brownie batter….

    yeah sure, 3 ingredients

  13. Heres one, we call em munchkins. You need smashed graham crackers, condensed milk, marshmallow and powdered sugar. You can do away with marshmallow to make it 3 ingredients but still. Just mix the grahams and the condensed milk, make a ball with a marshmallow in the middle and finish off with powdered sugar.

  14. NISHA BHOJAK says:

    Single ingredient is itself a receipe

  15. Vijaya Foods says:

    nice desserts and yummy👌🌺👌🌺

  16. I love watching tasty 😋

  17. If i were living with tasty i might grow fat unless they put me on a strict diet😂

  18. If i were living with tasty i might grow fat unless they put me on a strict diet😂

  19. R . O says:

    Im not used to so much sugar ;-;

  20. * says it’s three ingredients but you have to use like 10 ingredients to make one part of the recipe *

  21. Trollerina says:

    That first one looks delicious but so bs because you have to make the brown batter and maybe the cookie dough(store buy) which is more than 3 ingredients -.-

  22. Eda Ö says:

    The last one was a sin. Wtf “Creme brûlée” bitchhhhh

  23. Jason Frost says:

    The music put me to sleep and I dropped my phone on my face.

  24. hoi doei says:

    I'm gonna make this shit soooo hardd!!

  25. david arango says:

    The song is suspiciously similar to "the world without logos" the main theme from Hellsing 😅😅

  26. I NEED TO KNOW THE BACKGROUND SONG! Anyone know the name?

  27. Elbo Pucket says:

    I guess rehashing older videos and putting them in a new context counts as content now. And if that’s true then my channel should at least have 100k subs

  28. galactichloe says:

    3 ingredients
    me: ooh this should be interesting
    first recipe: cookie dough + brownie batter

  29. one cannot simply call cookie dough and cake batter single ingredients

  30. “3 ingredients”
    First one: cookie dough and brownie batter
    So “2” things made out of tons of ingredients?

  31. Butt Mash says:

    My creme bruleés came out eggy and disgusting.

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