Healthy Holiday Breakfast Recipe Ideas!

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  1. Disa Jayswal says:

    Can you slow down a little bit between recipes, like maybe introduce the recipe or something.. it's giving me anxiety rushing through the whole video like that, it's become harder for me to watch your videos bcuz of it and that makes me sad cuz I've been watching yours for many years 🙁

  2. I love your recipe videos because you always use such whole and nutritious ingredients! Please make more if you enjoy filming this kind of video! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. sofia kahs says:

    cambria you are so sweet❤I wish you a merry Christmas and I send you my love from Greece.your recipes looks delicious👍

  4. Abbie Klein says:

    These all look so delicious!😍😋

  5. you're treats look really good! I love how you showed the place setting and you eating with family:)

  6. Megan Darcy says:

    For the coffee cake the icing part can you substitute the coconut butter ?

  7. Dani Friesen says:

    I absolutely LOVE this video! So many great recipes & decor. 😃💕 and you and your sister are so cute!

  8. Would oat flour work for the coffee cake? Instead of almond

  9. I am loving all this Christmas stuff Ive been seeing today! The shirt you're wearing looks so comfy and definitely makes me feel like curling up on the couch with peppermint hot chocolate and watching a christmas movie!

  10. These look so good! I love the place settings.

  11. Where do you have this beautiful monogram mug from? 🙂 <3

  12. Your editing has been on point😍😍😍 super super cute! Everything looks delicious & nutritious!!! Love recipe videos💗

  13. bianca radil says:

    hey everyone ❤️ i'm new to youtube and post fitness related, i just made a video on fun and simple paleo recipes if you wanna come check it out i would appreciate it :)) ps awesome video cambria!!

  14. theFitty says:

    Your videography is AMAZING. I hope you can share some tips one day!

  15. Sabrina P says:

    Cambia I love you so much!! You are such a sweet kind hearted soul! <3

    I always get sooooo excited when you come out with new videos or vlogs!

  16. Merry Christmas Cambria and Bo!! Happy Holidays!!

  17. Sarah K says:


  18. wykkydtruth says:

    WHERE did you get your dining room chairs? I like them. Great vid!

  19. where did you get your red sweater/long sleeve?

  20. Kally Harris says:

    I love everything!! I eat a paleo based diet because I have Crohn’s disease and with medication and vitamins it helps me feel so much better. Could you do a more day to day meal plan, I eat pretty simple most of the time like veggies and meat basically so could you do a couple variations of this? I’ve watched your previous videos and they help so much but I’m getting bored of the things that I come up with.

  21. Please do a holiday house tour. I'm dying to see your decor

  22. It all looks sooo delicious! Thank you!

  23. Joy Kish says:

    Thank you so much for your emails Cambria! I really appreciate them.

  24. Melissa Zhou says:

    Can you do a winter morning and night routine? Thanks 😊

  25. I’m ready for you to make a cook book!! You make amazing recipes!! ❤️❤️

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