School Lunch Ideas for KIDS + What They Ate || BUNCHES of LUNCHES

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  1. I think it's sad that you have to justify the portion sizes you feed your kids. You are the only one who knows your kids and their habits. Don't let people make you feel bad. Kids have tiny stomachs and don't need huge meals. You're a great mom. I'm sorry you have to put up with those types of comments.

  2. Happy Wife says:

    My little girl survived on air when she was little. I fed her tiny portion back then so I understand. Only mama knows how much her child will eat. You little girl seems to be a natural at this. Has she done any school plays? She would be great at it. Your a great mom

  3. Try putting boiling hot water in the thermos 4 around 10minutes with the lid on them dump the water out it should stay warm I do that when my son takes hot food 2 school

  4. But the school I go to doesn’t allow nut or peanut butter because some children are allergic to nuts.

  5. Some people can't have some of your ingredients like my school is peanut and egg Free

  6. Haha I loved Mckenzie ' s excuse with the orange! Love these videos even though my daughter takes hot lunch at school 95% of the time.

  7. are the double chocolate fig bars costco?? Loved all the ideas thank you!

  8. I actually watch these videos to help make plans for my Picky husband and dinner ideas ❤️

  9. Hanna Taylor says:

    where did you find the packages of the chocolate chip animal cookies at ? I bet you like when the kids sometimes don’t like something you give them in their lunch and they bring it home because it means more for you if you like it

  10. Lucy chef says:

    With mac and cheese add a little more cause so it stays warm and the pasta does not deserve all the sause by the time the kidos get to lunch

  11. K Miller says:

    to keep thermos hotter put boiling water in them for 10 min in morning right before putting food in

  12. As someone from Utah , that's not how we make fry sauce

  13. Maria Olker says:

    My kids will eat peeled oranges all day, but forget it if they have to peel their own.

  14. Maria Olker says:

    Tip for keeping food in thermos warm-boil some water and fill the thermos with it for 10 minutes or so. Then put hot food in and close.

  15. K Best says:

    I love watching these videos. I have a 5 year old & a 16 month old so these are perfect.

  16. Sydnee Dyer says:

    You said Can you. share breakfast and lunch did you mean dinner no hate

  17. What are your kids names

  18. Terrie Jones says:

    Hey! What funnel do you use for filling up your thermos flasks?

  19. Lucieff says:

    Did you know that it's easier to open the bananas at the other end?

  20. M1A Vlogs says:

    THANK YOU for hearting my comment! I am having one of these for my lunch tommorow PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my channel

  21. Hanna Taylor says:

    I don’t know if you know this trick but try boiling water and putting it in the thermos for a few minutes then pour the hot water out before putting the hot mac n cheese in the thermos

  22. Makenzie has the same lunch box as me

  23. Molly Yorkey says:

    Are your kids home schooled

  24. If u boil water and put it in the Thurmas with the lid on before u put ur Mac in there for like 3-5 minutes then pour it out and put ur Mac in and it should stay warm

  25. JICbyMaryAnn says:

    You know your kids and don’t have to justify anything to anyone. Thermos tip: We learned that if you put hot/boiling water in the thermos for 5ish minutes it will hold the heat longer. Same goes for cold foods. Add ice/cold water for a few minutes. Love watching you and your family.

  26. Haha I think I trust that you know how much food to feed your own kids. Good grief. They are small children, not lumberjacks! All the lunches look delish!

  27. M1A Vlogs says:

    I am just a kid and I think this video is very GOOD

  28. I warm the thermoses in hot water before putting the Mac and cheese in. Then it seems to say hot – I’ve actually even gotten complaints that it’s too hot still by lunch. I love these videos!!! Such great ideas 💓

  29. Love these videos! My daughter and I watch them together, and she tells me what she wants to try. We are trying the little corndog muffins next. Thank you for sharing these wonderful lunch ideas.

  30. MeganSVlogs says:

    THIS IS MY FAV THING IN THE WORLD!: peanut butter, bananas, and honey sandwich!!! OMG I LOVE IT!!

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