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  1. I’m super excited 😆 Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎄 ❤️love you nina and randa ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I know for a fact I will not do this (mainly because no one will eat it), but I’m still going to watch this lol love y’all!

  3. I'm so happy about the healthy Muffins because most of such recipes contain applesauce which Im allergic to. Greetings from the black forest in Germany😗

  4. Madi Chase says:

    You guys should so do a winter morning routine or night routine with vegan products you like! I find my skin gets really dry in the winter and I can’t find many good products to help. Plus routines just get me in a routine mood

  5. Julie D says:

    Hi♡♡♡♡♡ I love you guys SO much😑😚😚😚

  6. jules says:

    Great video! Honestly I hate going in your comments sometimes because it's always so negative- about your personalities, bodies, or diets. You guys don't force anything on anyone, so people need to stop with the negative comments. Love you both!

  7. Sarah Revor says:

    Can you write out the recipe

  8. slut babe says:

    Haven't watched you guys in a while and omg Randa got so pretty

  9. Sami Leibow says:

    Snapfam! You guys are my favorite! Always look forgward to your videos

  10. Dani KL says:

    Who's kitchen is this

  11. toritzam says:

    Have been so excited for this!!! ❤️ #snapfam

  12. Eimear S says:

    Love your videos x Could u please say happy birthday to my friend Emma as it is her bday today and she loves ur channel xxx 💗

  13. slut babe says:

    Is this woman on crack

  14. KendaKenda says:

    LOVE IT! My acne got really bad recently so I’m going strict on the WSLF/Starch Solution to clear it up. This is great for the holidays! I’ve watched all of your acne videos and WIA! Do you guys eat a lot of these treats or do you still really stick to your regular eating?

  15. Angelica J says:

    I love this video it’s so cute !!!!

  16. I love the guys so much 💗

  17. #earlysquad😂I’m so exited and can’t wait till Christmas 🎄🎄🎄💗💗💗💓💓😍😍😍🎉🎉 I love your videos
    Also loving your Christmas outfits🎄

  18. To be as skinny as they are I bet that these two females don't ever eat dessert.

  19. NinaAndRanda says:

    I'm replying to comments NOW!! Love you! – Randa 🙂

  20. NinaAndRanda says:

    Who's excited for the holidays?!?! Love you!

  21. Livin'Annie says:

    Diggin' the sweaters!

  22. Pearl Lobo says:

    Randa ur make up is on point 😍

  23. margaret hon says:

    HI NINA ANS RANDA have been a subscriber for so long and of course have my notifications on it would mean a lot if you replyed

  24. Your videos are the best! I'd love if u could reply to this comment x

  25. I was the first one to comment merry Christmas 🎁🎄 love you 😍

  26. So awesome 👏 awesome 👏 girls love you and twins wait your twins

  27. Zuy Jojoboy says:

    how old are they? :p

  28. Yummm love you !!!💓💓😍

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