Dulce De Leche | Easy Yummy Dessert Ideas | Pre Christmas Treat Ideas | Pre Holiday Treats

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20 Responses

  1. Vijaya Foods says:

    Very Nice🌺🌺🌺🌺

  2. So yummy should be called SO DELICIOS!

  3. Lubna Imran says:

    I love your video yum

  4. Zt Dung says:

    Có ai việt nam ko

  5. Vania Moreno says:

    Eso es manjar de toda la vida
    I don 't spic in inglish :U

  6. nithin mohan says:

    nice very nice and delicious

  7. Awesome job I really liked the raspberry cupcake🍇

  8. Please do cooking without fire or ovem

  9. 44 minutes ago I guess I am the first one.

  10. If you are filipino i have a question

    Whay is the difference between dulce de leche and yema? 😂 😂

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