6 3-Ingredient Dinners & Sides

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30 Responses

  1. DanGaming 76 says:

    Mac and cheese 😍😍😍😍😍 slrppp

  2. Awesome video. Make more like these please.

  3. Who does make Mac and cheese in dinners because I am not

  4. Where tf the seasoning at looks bland af yall

  5. In teriyaki chicken can I use breast and add a little oyster sauce

  6. Was macaroni precoocked !?

  7. Finka Riz says:

    The first one.. Just grab chicken + sweet soysauce. It doesn't taste really good

  8. Salt & pepper were added plz watch closely so it's actually 5 ingredients. Getting boring recipes are the same from video to video😢

  9. only mac n cheese ,other bongi mari hai.

  10. Yo Bros says:

    When i read the title.I like

    Click The Thumbnail
    Me:Oh its 6 3 Ingredients XD

  11. They added pepper that makes it four ingredients lmbo!!!

  12. Joshua Wong says:

    What is the song called

  13. Ayesha Ameer says:

    First I read the title 63 ingredients.

  14. Mizu201 Mizu says:

    Mac and cheese😍😍

  15. Music makes me wanna go ballroom dancing

  16. Mia Valdez says:

    Can you do a vegan version!!

  17. A S says:

    Wait a minute. How are you gonna pretend that you didn't just sprinkle black pepper over the corn. Bruh that's 4 ingredients.

  18. seegurke93 says:

    healthy is something different 😀

  19. Ryan Manalac says:

    Some aren't 3 ingredient SHE IS FREAKIN ADDING PEPPER

  20. Monica Evie says:

    These are all from your other videos……Think of something new tasty -_-

  21. Bring gordon ramsay in your videos

  22. Do more 3 ingredients recipes please!!!

  23. I don't mind the extra ingredient like salt n pepper bcause if you wanna cook you MUST have salt n pepper

  24. I love that one of these is just mac n' cheese. XD

  25. Lazy day & easy dinner!! Perfect for weekend. I have homemade teriyaki sauce so its just 2 ingredients for me.

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