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  2. Ashton G says:

    The commentary style on this was super refreshing, cute, and funny. We all love voice overs, but this style made the video feel super relaxing and lovely!! I’d love to see more videos with your commentary like this.

  3. i'm doing a 100% fruit detox. i'm hungry all the time. perfect time to watch food recipes and torture myself.

  4. leonf1111 says:

    That look is so artificial and too much make up, unsubscribe!!!

  5. Rasana Vann says:

    I love LOVE your look in this video! You look very gorgeous! The green blouse matches your hair. It's a great color contrast and it definitely screams "Christmas"! Plus, your makeup looks amazing. I love it! 😍

  6. I'm so glad about us vegans. I wish all the meating eating, murderous slobs on the planet would just fucking die a violent death all at once.

  7. Laura Womack says:

    Ok I live in seattle and I cannot find smoked tofu for the life of me. Where do you buy yours???

  8. Bella Muerte says:

    Your commentary cracked me up!

  9. Ur so cuties!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  10. Question! I am seriously considering buying your ebook! But I noticed you wrote "mostly oil free" and I'm not about that like so can I use not using oil a must in your recipes? Does anyone else know ?!?!

  11. So happy you made a noodle recipe thanks

  12. Awesome! Definitely going to try the second one.

  13. Hahaha at protein deficiency. I can't help wondering if nonvegans are just waiting for us to fall over in the street or something.

  14. Yum I’m definitely going to try both noodles!!

  15. We have to get on a strict budget these month so I'm going to be watching allll your damn videos ! And get my meal planning on ha

  16. AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing.
    BTW – Santa came early and brought me my air fryer;-)

  17. tamcon72 says:

    Almost choked on my pizza laughing at 4:26, darn it! These look like a tasty and quick way to get a warm and comforting meal into your belly in chilly weather. TFP : )

  18. MsKCinKC says:

    Where do you buy the udon noodles???

  19. Murphy Walsh says:

    The in-video commentary in this one is great. Honestly, I’m wheezing from laughing so hard.

  20. I just discovered Nongshim certified vegan Kimchi flavored ramen noodles! I know it's technically vegan junk food but I add a bunch of veggies to help it out and it's very yummy. For those "beyond ultra lazy" moments.

  21. Youre comments kill me😂😂😂

  22. These are great examples. I basically made a variation of the first recipe earlier this week. 😉

  23. All ingredients I don't have so maybe don't take a lot of time to cook but take lot of time AND money to buy d ing needed smh

  24. Latigra D says:

    Happy Holliday🌹🌹🌹🎄🎅🎄🎅

  25. I love the 'text over' instead of the classic voice over

  26. Rima Qayed says:

    Girl I'm buyin you a lemon juicer

  27. Kaipuccino V says:

    Ohhh I want to try all of them!!! also, the captions had me laughing the entire time hahahah

  28. Rick Bambus says:

    I wonder how far I have to travel to get these ingredients because the supermarkets in my country usually don't offer that.

  29. Your hair color ❤️

  30. Oh gosh, the captions were too funny, haha, you're awesome Rose! Looks delish!

  31. Coin Ru says:

    Idk what I would do without your channel 😩

  32. Great video. Funny and yummy.

  33. Love your hair!! Great videos keep it up!

  34. mz redz says:

    luv u. keep it up

  35. Anonymous H says:

    You had me at udon!!!

  36. Laura A says:

    love that your recipes are actually realistic 🙌🏼

  37. UcanbeGOD says:

    This is what ninjas eat.

  38. Judith Loue says:

    You had me at NOODLES! I love both of these recipe ideas!

  39. Renzee White says:

    I love your videos so much you really make my day

  40. Rose, what do you think of buckwheat noodles?

  41. Rose, you look beautiful today!! Hair and make up are perfect.

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