School Lunch Ideas for KIDS + What They Ate || BUNCHES of LUNCHES

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  1. Maddy209 says:

    Try soy sauce for cucumbers IT IS SOOOO GOOD! I I put lemon if I’m using a sweet sauce but are usually use Ponzu which is more sweet

  2. On the second day Jackson took a red lunchbox but when he came home he had a blue one and kenzie had the red one

  3. Daniella .I says:

    these are great I really enjoy watching them! you should consider a spin off for breakfast and or dinners.

  4. Catie Mason says:

    Jennifer what type of mommy water bottle do you use if you had a choice to pick one

  5. strawberry cream cheese sounds so yummy!!

  6. Great work on this latest video.

  7. Katie L says:

    Do your kids do homeschool when they are sick

  8. Money Emoji says:

    Mum, “where’s Kenzie “. Lily , “ went bathroom.”

  9. I look forward to these videos every week! Tfs 💗

  10. I wish I had your creativity when it comes to making lunches for the kids. If I had done things like (If I had known to do things like this) my kids would have been happy to take lunch to school!

  11. Carey Brooks says:

    The pizza pockets look delicious 😋 I think I will have to give that a try on my kiddos 😊

  12. TGIF
    (Now It's Saturday though)

  13. I just have a question and I'm totally not trying to be rude but at the end of the video you said that the strawberry was smushed I don't see how it could have gotten smashed in that container and then you said that they Maybe they didn't eat the fruit salad because it was getting kind of old .If you knew it was old why would you serve them to begin with that would scare me to death to give my children something that I knew was old.And it wouldn't taste good if it was old

  14. You forgot the applesauce

  15. Does the yogurt with the granola taste good? And you can tie the apple slices together to keep It from browning but you don't give them a whole apple,

  16. Libby Garcia says:

    Love these school lunch videos!! Such great ideas you are giving me!

  17. Norma Jean says:

    Hope u record ur cosco hauls agaib…..n hope u can vlog ur life….like watching u vacum, drive kids to school, cleaning or organizing…..basically it wpuld be nice to see your everyday routine n life. And of course, keep these lunches up n perhaps show us some "cook with me" n show us ur dinner n breakfast……

  18. Yasmine bx says:

    In Belgium we call the sauce "cocktail"

  19. Another great video! I had one of those sandwich makers when I was first married, and ended up donating it. Now that I have 4 kids, you’ve inspired me to give it another try 🙂 plus, at $14, it’s not too bad of an investment if it ends up being donated again, haha. Can’t wait for the Christmas videos! I’m going to use them with my kiddos while we’re on Christmas break and adventuring!

  20. I love this channel and ideas so much

  21. Thursday they had a applesauce to

  22. Emily Dallas says:

    I love these videos! and love love the lunch ideas

  23. Melissa Rose says:

    Hi do you every day chancel

  24. I love you guys so much

  25. Kinda ridiculous to expect them to eat every drop of their sauce…

  26. Omg I love these videos so much I always wake up and watch this video every Saturday morning for me😍😍

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