School Lunch Ideas! – Week 12 | Sarah Rae Vlogas |

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27 Responses

  1. I strive to be this extra when my kids start school

  2. Cayla Matias says:

    yaaaay thanks for this xoxo

  3. kendra12 says:

    I love your parenting skills! It gives me motivation to do this when i have kids. Your kids are so respectful and kind. And your an amazing mother. Plus everytime i watch these i get super hungry! 😂 keep up the good work!

  4. When Nahla doesn’t drink her flavored water does that mean she eats w/out any drink or she drinks her regular water?

  5. Kaitlyn G. says:

    I don’t even have kids and I love these videos. Come pack my lunch for me!!!!

  6. i think you should not give your kids that much snaks because they wont eat there lunch that uch

  7. Shannon J says:

    just ordered through goodbyn! i’ve been watching your lunch vids forever and i finally bit the bullet! so excited 🙂

  8. nekochii00 says:

    I cant wait for my kid to go to school so i can pack shit for him lol mine would look a lot different tho…. but these are great!!

  9. Your so funny and pretty

  10. Yanely N says:

    I'm not even a mom and I'm taking ideas for the future lol

  11. I love how you have a variety of spreads for their bagels. Do they pick which one they want?

  12. Diana Giles says:

    Yes! Christmas lunch….. PLEASE 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  13. I am off school all ready

  14. Catie Mason says:

    Sarah girl where did you get that big huge ice pack at if you don't mind me asking

  15. I love these videos even though I don't have kids lmao

  16. These look so much more fun than packed lunches I had growing up 😩

  17. Hazz Ζ. says:

    I'm 16 and those are my favorite videos 😂

  18. Next time try putting the French toast in a thermos to keep the French toast warm.

  19. I would like if u post more of theses

  20. Unmask Utica says:

    What kind of cinnimon bites do you get

  21. I love these videos!!! It gives me great ideas to try for my granddaughter. Keep them coming

  22. Ada Messer says:

    Maybe if you have them just plain water they might drink it

  23. I don’t even have kids. But I really enjoy these videos

  24. Mutha Fluff says:

    Hello! you are truly awesome my kids love the new spin on their lunches I told them they can thank Auntie Sarah for the ideas 😂😂😂

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