Quick and Easy Lunch Menu|Regular Kerala Lunch|Anu’s Kitchen|2017

Hi friends welcome to Anu’s Kitchen.Today I am sharing my simple .quick and easy lunch menu.This regular Kerala Lunch can be made with in 1 hour.

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31 Responses

  1. vinod m says:

    Anu chechi,…..Thakkali moru currynum,meen pattichathum, potato fry ellam imdaki,thakkali moru currynu orupadu ishtapettu, potato njan ingane ithuvare imdakiyittilya,aa masalenoke pidichittu nalla taste ayirunnu tto anu chechi ☺ meen pattichathu asadya taste aanenne,…Anu chechi,… othiri thanks….

  2. Sajeev R says:

    nice preparation…

  3. Very easy recipe without coconut….thank u soooo much ☺☺

  4. Husna Ilyas says:

    very simple lunch with easily available ingredients. Thank u Anu

  5. Kala Reji says:

    Adipoli Anu. ..you made my day more easier…only half an hour took this to make…pleas upload this type combo. ..

  6. 3 curry yum awesome … Thank u so much dear 😍

  7. Zaba Nisar says:

    Sambavm ethayaalum superrrrr

  8. Zaba Nisar says:

    1 Manikor onnum venda

  9. Hai chechi☺i am one of your first 500 subscribers…Very happy to see u in 20k subscribers..Good going

  10. Gk G says:

    Pls add.more lunch menus

  11. Robin M V says:

    👌👌👌 i used to follow your recipes.. thanks Chechi 👌👌👌

  12. Kadha says:

    thanku chechi, malabar pathiri orupadu channels nokki try cheythu shari aillarnnu…chechida reciepe nokki cheythu nokki and came perfect .thnku so much chechi 🙂 …chechi ethu country la thamasikkunne

  13. suhana Azim says:

    Simple prasntation othiri ishtam aayi 😍😍😍

  14. suhana Azim says:

    Wowww supperbbb 👍👌👏👌 endayalum try chyum

  15. vinod m says:

    Thakkali pulisseriyum meen currynum mathram mathi ithiri choru kazhikan,…innathe video enek orupadu ishtapettu anu chechi……

  16. vinod m says:

    Ayyo, ellavarum comment ittullo,njn late ayi alye anu chechi, ithreyum speedil ,… midukikutty,ketto anu chechi ☺

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