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  1. saragirl1465 says:

    My mouth is watering!!! Everything looks so good!! I have got to try that brand of cheese!

  2. Violeta Vio says:

    Hey girls) I was just curious if you also taught your daughter Latvian and/or Russian languages? Anyways, you both look amazing, have nice holidays 😉

  3. On one of Monami’s last videos Gabby goes “Little Frost out!” And I would legit spend good money for that to be a t-shirt

  4. Well done on the guitar, Gabi, thanks for playing, keep practising! 👏🙌👍❤️ And thanks mom, fun to see all the yummy stuff you have available in the UK! Not so much here in 🇳🇴 Yet, but it is getting better… Think I will go for a stuffed seitan roast with roast potatoes, red cabbage (sweet/sour), cream gravy and roast potatoes (and lingonberry jam in place of the cranberry sauce)! May make some roast veggies too. Think I will add some tofu in the seitan, for a richer seitan… YUM, can't wait! BTW, just watched your 2016 video and loved the recipes, they are saved for later! Thanks! 😊

  5. Sol Hughes says:

    Yey!!!! I definitely need to bring my own vegan food to the Xmas party this year, hopefully I can convince my family to enjoy them too! Thanks for the video! Whole Foods is my go to for vegan stuff, I’ve been trying to find online stores in America for vegan items and no luck 🙁

  6. QUADBOT FPV says:

    why dont your eat meat?

  7. Vadim Suslov says:

    Первый раз наткнулся на твой канал =) Так ты Русский учила специально или ты жила у нас?)

  8. maria 12 says:

    Давайте видео на русский канал

  9. narm67 says:

    Have a lovely Christmas X ❄️

  10. NOIRCA says:

    I’m watching this video while eating fried popcorn tofu, blackpepper sauce, rice & greens✨💛😜 So sad all those food are not in my place😔

  11. Awww Gabby ❤❤❤🌹 she's so pretty and definitely resembles you 🙂

  12. BigE says:

    Might have been a good idea to show video close ups with a voiceover edited in during your explanations. Having said all of that I have no idea how much skill it would take lol. Just hard to get intimate with everything so far away on the table. Thank you

  13. L Gar says:

    Gaby has wonderful energy!

  14. Ashley Reed says:

    I really wish you would tell us what the "meats" are made of. Considering why call it something it's not?

  15. Stacey Bull says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for making this video and the one you made last Christmas give g people began food ideas for Christmas. I have shared both of those videos in a vegan group on facebook as lots of people in the group have been asking for inspiration. Thanks for being such a great, positive role model.

  16. why do Vegan ppl always take pics and talk about there food! i am Vegan and its not simple.

  17. Love your videos and your message. I watch with my daughter and gabbi motivates her. Thank you gloria

  18. Darkwolfy says:

    What’s ur roblox name?

  19. MartynaBiri says:

    Everything looks so yum! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  20. bris herrera says:

    😱 Gabi is so big now 😍😘💙

  21. Marques says:

    I'm vegan but I don't actually like meat substitutes. I prefer my veggies
    Beautiful table BTW.
    Merry Christmas for all your family.

  22. deedee jones says:

    you look like sisters 😭

  23. xrach wellsx says:

    That cheese board looks crazy good 😃

  24. Wow that’s a lot of stuff yummmm❤️

  25. K Mae says:

    Great video! Thanks for your dedication. I love seeing products carried in other countries. We have a lot of great options in Ontario, Canada as well, its amazing to see vegan lifestyle become more accepted in grocery stores. In response to one negative comment towards packaged products..recycle, be aware and be a smart consumer.
    Thanks Gabby for the performance! Keep up the hard work on the guitar kiddo! You're doing great 🙂
    I cant wait to open my Frost cookbook Christmas morning!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! All the best in 2018!

  26. Mama OfOne says:

    Poor gabriella looked so disgusted when you were explaining about the fake meat dishes lol I’m sure they’re good though.

  27. Cuz eating animals is just weird😎😍😁😘

  28. That has got to be the WORST christmas dinner table i seen, it must seriously suck being vegan during christmas. So many delicious foods you miss out on.

  29. canon girl says:

    Gabby looks so grown up! Her hair is to die for!

  30. Lilly xxx says:

    I'm russian and my mom often made the same carrot salad

  31. Lilly xxx says:

    you both are beautiful!
    Gabby's Hair is so pretty

  32. UpcycLucie says:

    “Oh vegan meals are so difficult to prepare, it takes so time!” LOL!!! All this food will be done and plated before you finish you roasted dead flesh! 😂

  33. Monami Full Sellout Mode…
    did they fix that Table for you, or did you had to prep it yourself? 😉

  34. C Eriksen says:

    Gabriella is getting so big!

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