Healthy Protein Shake For Weight Loss – Diet Smoothie Recipe For Breakfast – Skinny Recipes

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20 Responses

  1. Anjali Nair says:

    Ma'am can u plz share how to make powdered salt out of pink himalaya crystals

  2. kishore M says:

    Mam can I use this breakfast after my gym session

  3. Your smoothie recipes are healthy but costly too please try to give us recipes which are cheaper and easily available in market

  4. Hi Ma’am How Many Calories Does This Has ?

  5. junaid junnu says:

    Where is Protien in it dear…this seems to be carb smoothie but healthy too👍🏻

  6. Mam pls suggest wat is Amarant in Hindi or English Called??

  7. Superb Receipe Mam👌👌👌

  8. K Rekha says:

    Is it fit for thyroid patients

  9. nidhi shetty says:

    can we have this for dinner? @skinnyrecipes

  10. Thank you so much. Very good. Love you💖💖💖😍😍😍👌👌👌

  11. Rakshitha V says:

    I'm curious to know what is in your refrigerator. Haha. Please share it with us . Like how they do 'what's in my bag?' video. Thank you for this recipe. Will try it :-*

  12. Neha Sharma says:

    Superb like always..

  13. Very costly drink….not affordable by everyone…..

  14. shaila khan says:

    Hello nisa..plz tell me if rajgira is not available then can i use any other healthy food like oats??
    Can i skip pine apple…bcoz its very costly here

  15. Sri Durga says:

    nice mam… thk u fr sharing dis one….

  16. It's having high in carb(dates and banana) and fats(nuts and flax seeds). Where is protein ?

  17. KAVIYA RAVI says:

    Is it fit to hypothyroidism.

  18. How do you freeze n keep the fruit?pl share…

  19. Chanda Satta says:

    How many calories is this?

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