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  1. anamiko says:

    Your Christmas tree is so pretty!

  2. Ilaria A. says:

    Love mochi in various preparations. So delicious. I've relocated and there are no markets in current location to buy mochi. Have to drive and get a bunch of stuff soon. Have considered making it myself with the sweet rice flour but couldn't find anko. Those varieties you made look great and will be trying them. Happy New Year!

  3. Rinn Again says:

    I will have to get some Mochi online or make it from scratch…Id love to try these

  4. 千葉県民だけど納豆餅大好きだよ❤️とろけたチーズにカリカリベーコンも美味しいので試してみて。お餅の1番美味しい食べ方はお雑煮だけどね。日本の都道府県の数だけお雑煮の種類があるよ

  5. Sushi Sandwiches are gaining popularity with home cooks. I think mochi has competition. Cool video. Happy Holidays 🙂

  6. Deanna 808 says:

    I ❤️ Mochi! Arigato for sharing. You might freeze your chocolate first 😉 Here’s my Mochi Truffles and I like them runny/solid in the inside! Oishii desu yo!

  7. I heard such an origin, so I read wiki too. Yeah clothes too and dish too and all stuff were from another sky i bet

  8. Ms. Sunshine says:

    I love mochi 😊😊😊 great video 😊

  9. 山口崇 says:


  10. 山口崇 says:

    Can not put sugar into soy sauce?

  11. Michael Lee says:

    Try frying the mochi in some vegetable oil to a light crispy brown and coat in kinako sugar mixture. Taste like a Japanese malasada!

  12. Eve Black says:

    I really like watching you and Mikey Chin videos. I hope you guys make each other happy for a long long time

  13. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    So interesting! I've never had boiled mochi out of the context of ozoni. My mother used to make kinako mochi for me as a kid. Wow, what a special memory! She also used to serve mochi with butter, shoyu, sugar, and wrapped in nori. I'd love to try natto mochi. I can't wait to try your recipes. I bought my kirimochi today. Thanks so much and wishing you both all the best in 2018!

  14. Kae Winters says:


  15. Flaming Moe says:

    Great tips to eat kirimochi!
    I'll definitely try it with my bought kirimochi from my Tokyo trip.
    It's a pity that you guys weren't there when I was in Nippori. Maybe next time we meet 😉

  16. thank you for this video! looks so yummy

  17. Lu Kubin says:

    GUYS THIS IS AWESOME,! My local asian market sells this block style mochi amd i never knew how to prepare it!! I will definitley try this out!!

  18. This video was very informative and fun! Happy New Year!!! What about teaching us how to make Ozoni soup? Not sure if its a Hawaii tyoe New Year soup or a traditional tyoe New Year soup.

  19. Plejade says:

    Oooh thank you so so much, last week I bouht some of them and now I have sooo many options to enjoy them ^ I tried to grill them in the oven right unter the grill, it worked pretty well on the grilling part, but they didn't puff up like yours in the pan so I will try this today ^^

  20. ko ko says:

    I put it in a waffle maker and it's gets nice crunchy and toasty. Then put anko on it. I'm going to try your way too!

  21. cal jul says:

    I had no idea people ate mochi as a savory food. it looks so good

  22. illfayted says:

    Is sugar different in Japan than America? I've watched a lot of Japanese cooking videos and the texture of the white sugar reminds me of American brown sugar, like it's slightly moist.

  23. i'm going to try some of these this year! not sure how i feel about the natto one though… hahahaha sorry satoshi.

  24. Colleen M says:

    We eat ours with a shoyu sugar mixture. Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved.

  25. sarah safira says:

    i love you both, im a big fan! thanks for the mochi recipe, hope i can find stores that sells mochi blocks here in jakarta indonesia.

  26. きよみん says:

    When time has passed, rice cake becomes solid.


  27. Amber says:

    My grandma just brought us a big pack so I'm glad you guys did this video because before I only ate it with the soy sauce! Now I have more recipes to try out!

  28. きよみん says:


  29. Are you guys a couple? Too cute!! かわいい

  30. Do you always eat kinako with sugar?

  31. I buy mochi in Australia. I have tried making it but tricky.

  32. I'm obsessed with mochi and seaweed….also anko! Yum!

  33. Alana M says:

    You're both so cute together

  34. J Lee says:

    I'm Hmong and we love mochi too! We use a bread maker to knead the glutinous rice to make big batches. Love it! If you fry it with a little oil then sprinkle it with just a touch of salt after it's crispy and done, it's also really addicting.

  35. astroboy3507 says:

    Can't believe it just asked the wife and she said we have mochi in the freezer and we have chocolate too!!!!

  36. astroboy3507 says:

    So good mochi!!!! Topped off with azuki!!!! 😍

  37. I had mochi with kinako coating once, it's really good

  38. For me, the best way to eat mochi is a toss up between shoyu mochi and ozooni!

  39. I love sweet mochi 🎉🎊

  40. I love Kinako but I would not put sugar that much! LOL! Probably half or 1/3… I never tried Natto mochi! Funny everyone (incld. myself) believe whatever we & our neighbors grow up eating, we all assume that's the way to eat it until we become adult, leave our hometowns, start to communicate with many others from other parts of the world, and we realize we were "different" from the rest of the world! LOL! Natto mochi is one of them, LOL! BUT, since I received frozen natto and mochi last week, I will try it! 🙂

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