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  1. For those who have been asking, the bento boxes are from Monbento (I have not been sponsored by them to make these videos). You can find the bento boxes here: http://amzn.to/2vTgRbV

  2. Adam D says:

    Do you know that figs are not technically vegan. Just look it up.

  3. I sometimes gargle Twinkies whilst fingering a recess pieces sugar and double molasses pie. Then show down on a coke. Kinda lost my way here…mom?

  4. How do you deal with all the GMO fruits and vegetables that have been designed to harm vegans? That spiritual warfare knows no boundaries! namaskar 😕

  5. I make my own soy yogurt and it's nice and thick almost like Greek yogurt. I do not strain it either. Those 20 chia seeds are not going to give anybody any omega's. Where do you find that bread? I absolutely adore bread like that and I could only find it in the UK and Europe.

  6. Flat Foot says:

    These people are friggin nuts.  People live longer today than ever before and they have eaten meat as long as we've been alive.  I'm not saying there's NO benefit to eating healthier but these people are retarded.

  7. Flat Foot says:

    I'd like to eat HER for breakfast.

  8. Thank you this will help me stay more heathy u make being a vegan so easy

  9. Happy Belated Birthday – Great boxes – Love these

  10. shes back says:

    i am doing the vegan challenge for a week.
    i am a full life carnivore and i wanna do some thing different.
    i hope i fell so much healthier after this vegan week.

  11. I was vegatarian after seeing what happens to animals, but then I thought I should be vegan, after what tortore animals go through for their natrual resourses. Thanks for the ideas!

  12. Thunder says:

    Great video and your accent is very soothing and awesome! I could do with a wife like you that knows how to prepare tasty food like this lol 😉

  13. OMG, did you break a sweat or a nail while making these easy snacks? 😂😂😂 lazy ass people nowadays, and YT pays you guys for this LMAO!!!

  14. Thats a lot of sugar…but good ideas

  15. GeeGee Baby says:

    o3o how do you fit it inside the actual bento? that would never close…

  16. John Swink says:

    I'm a new vegan and I have a lot of questions. First off I have mixed vitamins that has b-12 and all the other essential vitamins, and I also have calcium pills do I take these everyday or once or twice a week? And I'm also confused about what to eat and get and not to eat and get, I also and very intrigued as how to make other homemade things such as the seeds

  17. DG Tudo says:

    Hello! Good afternoon! Congrats on the video! Great channel! BIG LIKE
    Your culture and your language enchants me! Congratulations!
    Success! . . . Hugs from Brazil . . . . . . . . . #dgtudo

  18. sudip saha says:

    Hello madam , thanking for sharing such lovely videos , really appreciate your effort . I need an help , can you make a video on healthy soup . So we can made at home . Actually my sister is having some stomach infection , and she has been prescribed by doctor , that she must eat simple and non oily food, preferably boiled and steamed . Kindly share some soup and other healthy foods. Tchao and Metta .

  19. Sana Akhtar says:

    Hi… Your videos are lovely. Thank you so much.. Can you please share what we must eat if we have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Thank you..

  20. Best vegan channel. Best vegan recipe.
    I like it and you ❤

  21. Hi! I love your videos! i was wondering if you could do a good video on healthy dorm room eating.

  22. Liz Botica says:

    I don't mean to be negative, but as for me, far too many carbs. I would love these things but can't eat like that any more. I'm not vegan but of course certain meal ideas would be fine with me.

  23. Kara Shi says:

    your voice is so calming

  24. Happy belated birthday Sadia. Negative comments have never looked so good lol. Thanks for helping me see that it's ok to be myself again. "I used to" try to question why people do what they do and mentally make them do the right thing and then punish them in my head when they don't by holding grudes lol! I am now a free soul! Talk all you want and watch me do what you think I can't. I'm glad I found your channel. Keep em coming!

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