SWEET TOFU | 2 Easy Recipes

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  1. CFrosties says:

    I don't really like tofu because it tastes kinda fishy to me. but these recipes look sooo gooodd, I'm definitely going to try them out 😣

  2. joe videosz says:

    Omg pewdiepie play cs

  3. Laneybug says:

    My favorite part of those videos is always when she has Felix try what she made. So cute

  4. Yvonne Lee says:

    Actually there’s a kind of tofu is made to be dessert in bamboo bucket and you can add brown sugar (cane sugar which look yellow works even better ) in it , you may find it in China town in uk

  5. VERY NICE. 😊👍💖

  6. Now I have an urge to eat tofu… I <3 you Marzia! Great video. 😊💜

  7. Sketchios says:

    This house looks so cool for a party .. just saying xD

  8. One ever said to me, "If a guy pauses a game just for you, then marry him."


  9. when she slices the tofus it's so ✨satisfying✨

  10. Omg these recipes seem so simple yet look so good!! I can't wait to go buy tofu and try making the chocolate smoothie My mom is a vegetarian who also doesn't eat eggs, but I want to make her sweet things so much! So I am looking forward to making these! 😀 Thanks Marzia!!

  11. Ninisw33t says:

    i love that show Chef & My fridge
    i wish i could make these recipes they both look so good

  12. Nick Muffin says:

    I mean who dislikes this video? Some Anti – Tofu community?

  13. Abby Liu says:

    abomination! sweetness and tofu! that being said fried milk cubes are great and they probably taste similar

  14. Junior says:

    I love how felix always stops playing immediately to eat Marzia’s food

  15. if you’re making the chocolate pudding use sweetened cocoa powder. I used unsweetened unknowningly and it was extremely hard to stomach because of the bitterness.

  16. Wow, i cant believe Marzia and Felix watched Please Take of My Refrigerator- veAry nice

  17. Nadaa Azof says:

    I love how Felix immediately stop playing when Marzia offer him food. What a true goals.

  18. Darya Tsoy says:

    The only thing I would do is make a batter coating for the fried tofu and double coat it and fry for a bit longer so it has more crunch

  19. Susan Cuenca says:

    I never knew you can make tofu sweet? It looks very good! I hope to try to make some 😀 Thanks for this video!!! <3

  20. DreiGalaxy says:

    "Right? hehehe"


  21. i've tried it Marzia! and it is delicious 💖💖

  22. Alit Firdaus says:

    I'n Indonesia, we just fry it

  23. Can you do a house tour? PLEASSSSSE 😊🙏🏻💕💕

  24. Blue_Tea says:

    They are couple goals T-T

  25. i am sooooooo going to try the first one!

  26. Qylye & Nick says:

    Dis is great for ppl dat don't like tofu like me

  27. i love tofu in soup but this looks really good

  28. i didn't know at all that Marzia has a nose surgery. i think u look exactly the same.. beautiful as ever. love your video so much.. ^___^

  29. Andrea Kae says:

    Chia helps thicken a tofu pudding quite well. In fact you can make pudding with just chia, milk, and vanilla.

  30. Wow this is so awesome! I never thought of tofu being sweet because I always made it for dinner. 10/10 Marzia 🙂 (Also I love your new hair, it really expresses your personality)

  31. Komohiro says:

    They definately looked so good but I think the way Felix reacted to them and how sweet you guys are definately melted my heart

  32. Jenna says:

    I love your hair!

  33. Old Soul says:

    How do you look gorgeous in pink hair?

  34. Mustafa H says:

    Daaamnnnn that felix setup tho

  35. I loved how Felix said "Hey girl" 😄
    It's really cute!

  36. cara wallace says:

    i love the food videos because there's always the "let's use felix as a human guinea pig!" part. lovely video as always 🙂

  37. Ele Quinn says:

    I did it today AND I LOVE IT

  38. So delicious!!, maybe i should sell this in my Café as a snack.


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