Thai Breakfast Rice Soup Recipe “Kao Tom” – Hot Thai Kitchen! ข้าวต้มกุ้ง

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36 Responses

  1. NuWorldOrder says:

    You forgot the shrimps🤣, Can I use alternative other than shrimp or prawns?

  2. Bon Binas says:

    In philippines we called it "lugaw or arroz caldo" ☺😍

  3. I absolutely love your channel and videos! I am half thai and I never properly learned thai cooking from my mom but I LOVE thai food so much! I'm so glad you're doing this, it really makes me happy.

  4. John Capada says:

    Now this is comfort food 🙂

  5. peterstang says:

    I like recipe very much because I like eating shrimps. Will try this soon.

  6. I saw you on the BTS today but I don't have enough courage to say Hi. But it's nice to see you in real life especially in Bangkok. ^^

  7. Akmal 'Arif says:

    Im started to laugh when ypu started eating and you forget your prawn 😂😂😂

  8. Erika Groote says:

    thanks Pai.. this is now in my saved list and on the menu for this week xx

  9. Piapiano s says:

    It's 11pm. and I'm hungry. T-T

  10. Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to try it. I've tried to get my family to break out of the notion of only having traditional "western" breakfast menus, with little success. But I think I could sell them on this. When I lived in Thailand I got hooked on cup jok and loved it, but this looks like it will be 1000% better since, it's not instant, and I can control how thick or soupy I want it by the amount of rice I add. I also never thought of making everything ahead of time and just combining it in the morning. Thanks again.

  11. Steven Crohn says:

    Looks delicious! Thanks Pai!

  12. tommyguy95 says:

    just subscribed to your channel and I think it deserves more views 😀

  13. NMW X says:

    MY FAVORITE!!! ❤️

  14. If head on shell on shrimp is available in your area, you can cheat by boiling them with water to create a wonderful shrimp stock for the recipe. I do that all the time and it IS delishhhhh <3

  15. Would this recipe work with a vegetable stock? I can't eat the chicken broth.

  16. pa jeab says:


  17. Looks sooo yummy! Please can I make a suggestion? It would be soooo awesome if you could develop a roti sai mai. The dough just looks so amazing!

  18. Tenny Yukari says:

    Definitely holding back the laugh at the end of the video because of the forgotten shrimps! XD

  19. Sabrina Keum says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I haven't been feeling well so this is just the perfect food to make <3

  20. Your spouse would be very lucky😍😍😍

  21. cHemon says:

    I actually felt sorry 😢😭😣 for those forgotten shrimps for a moment before you realized they're there.

  22. JidtapadTK says:

    3 friends are pounded together in the mortar. 😹

  23. I love this dish! Thai food is so amazing!

  24. mimiX781 mup says:

    Do you have a video of papaya with the noodle not sure what it called in Thai

  25. You forgot the garnish Shrimp…….

  26. princess says:

    Is it ok to LIKE a video before watching? Lol

  27. Kim den Boer says:

    I haven't eaten shrimp in a long time. When you baked the shrimp, I swear I could smell it XD. Yummy ^_^

  28. I loved ur recipe , and yea i noticed that u forgot the whole shrimp, i was impressed how simple it was, im ur # 1 fan👍

  29. Kiet Pham says:

    It's so weird to see rice be put in a measuring cup 😂

  30. Thankyou for this! I love kao tom!

  31. Jesús Celi says:


  32. Hanna Nice says:

    Wow! I'm the first to comment this video. This is no doubt my luckiest day.

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