Thai Breakfast Rice Soup Recipe “Kao Tom” – Hot Thai Kitchen! ข้าวต้มกุ้ง

Another Thai breakfast video! You can think of this as the Thai sister of congee which is of Chinese origin. Instead of being porridge-like, it’s more of a soup. Jasmine rice is added to flavourful broth, and it’s one of the most comforting dishes. It’s a great breakfast in the winter too!

To put this together quickly in the morning: Make the broth and whatever protein you like in advanced and keep them in the fridge. Have some cooked jasmine rice in the fridge, too. Comes time to eat, bring the broth to a boil, add the rice and protein and let it heat up thoroughly. Et voila!








About Pai:

Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant is the author of the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook, co-host of a Canadian TV series One World Kitchen on Gusto TV, and creator and host of the YouTube channel Pailin’s Kitchen.

Pai was born and raised in southern Thailand where she spent much of her “playtime” in the kitchen. She traveled to Canada to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and was later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco.

After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at

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36 Responses

  1. NuWorldOrder says:

    You forgot the shrimps🤣, Can I use alternative other than shrimp or prawns?

  2. Bon Binas says:

    In philippines we called it "lugaw or arroz caldo" ☺😍

  3. I absolutely love your channel and videos! I am half thai and I never properly learned thai cooking from my mom but I LOVE thai food so much! I'm so glad you're doing this, it really makes me happy.

  4. John Capada says:

    Now this is comfort food 🙂

  5. peterstang says:

    I like recipe very much because I like eating shrimps. Will try this soon.

  6. I saw you on the BTS today but I don't have enough courage to say Hi. But it's nice to see you in real life especially in Bangkok. ^^

  7. Akmal 'Arif says:

    Im started to laugh when ypu started eating and you forget your prawn 😂😂😂

  8. Erika Groote says:

    thanks Pai.. this is now in my saved list and on the menu for this week xx

  9. Piapiano s says:

    It's 11pm. and I'm hungry. T-T

  10. Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to try it. I've tried to get my family to break out of the notion of only having traditional "western" breakfast menus, with little success. But I think I could sell them on this. When I lived in Thailand I got hooked on cup jok and loved it, but this looks like it will be 1000% better since, it's not instant, and I can control how thick or soupy I want it by the amount of rice I add. I also never thought of making everything ahead of time and just combining it in the morning. Thanks again.

  11. Steven Crohn says:

    Looks delicious! Thanks Pai!

  12. tommyguy95 says:

    just subscribed to your channel and I think it deserves more views 😀

  13. NMW X says:

    MY FAVORITE!!! ❤️

  14. If head on shell on shrimp is available in your area, you can cheat by boiling them with water to create a wonderful shrimp stock for the recipe. I do that all the time and it IS delishhhhh <3

  15. Would this recipe work with a vegetable stock? I can't eat the chicken broth.

  16. pa jeab says:


  17. Looks sooo yummy! Please can I make a suggestion? It would be soooo awesome if you could develop a roti sai mai. The dough just looks so amazing!

  18. Tenny Yukari says:

    Definitely holding back the laugh at the end of the video because of the forgotten shrimps! XD

  19. Sabrina Keum says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I haven't been feeling well so this is just the perfect food to make <3

  20. Your spouse would be very lucky😍😍😍

  21. cHemon says:

    I actually felt sorry 😢😭😣 for those forgotten shrimps for a moment before you realized they're there.

  22. JidtapadTK says:

    3 friends are pounded together in the mortar. 😹

  23. I love this dish! Thai food is so amazing!

  24. mimiX781 mup says:

    Do you have a video of papaya with the noodle not sure what it called in Thai

  25. You forgot the garnish Shrimp…….

  26. princess says:

    Is it ok to LIKE a video before watching? Lol

  27. Kim den Boer says:

    I haven't eaten shrimp in a long time. When you baked the shrimp, I swear I could smell it XD. Yummy ^_^

  28. I loved ur recipe , and yea i noticed that u forgot the whole shrimp, i was impressed how simple it was, im ur # 1 fan👍

  29. Kiet Pham says:

    It's so weird to see rice be put in a measuring cup 😂

  30. Thankyou for this! I love kao tom!

  31. Jesús Celi says:


  32. Hanna Nice says:

    Wow! I'm the first to comment this video. This is no doubt my luckiest day.

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