Top 5 Christmas Dinner Recipes!

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  1. Karla Rojas says:

    that boi qt AND he can cook

  2. ~ I wish I lived in England…it's more fun there. Americans are so boring at Christmas. It's all about new cars and having money over here. Notice how 99% of tv commercials are focused on the wealthy. There is no more middle class.

  3. Chaltu Hai says:

    Happy. Happy …x mass

  4. Gracia's por tu tiempo en hacer estos tremendos videos delicioso!!!!

  5. You are like a Joe Sugg number 2

  6. Ghosty says:

    Ireland and UK – never walked into a restaurant and came across such as thing as "Irish or UK food." Ever.

  7. ilovesyababe says:

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!! You have solved my dilemma of Xmas dishes to prepare !!!!!! thankyou so much.

  8. Looks delicious can't wait to try it! I made this healthy turkey breast recently and it was so good! I'm defiantly trying this next.

  9. Merry Christmas to you too m8

  10. merry Christmas and happy new years i can't wait to try some this out thanks for all the good food vids

  11. Wyglądają pięknie! Pozdrawiam 🙂

  12. Nigar Rahman says:

    happy christmas donal

  13. Bunny Rabbit says:

    Hey Donal! Eager to see you, Sophie and baby Noah live on YouTube ❣️❣️

  14. I am a vegetarian but your food is awesome…..whenever I'm eating my lunch I watch your videos to make my boring food yummy…..luv ur foods and the way you eat your dish at the end…

  15. epiccod says:

    3:23 Where do i find iron bars like that??

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