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  1. Gwen Vann says:

    Great video. My problem is I need to meal plan. I buy good fresh food but then don’t use it up before it goes bad because I don’t plan! 😩. Glad you had a fun vacation and welcome back!

  2. Loved this style, thanks Hannah

  3. What is the song in the intro??

  4. Diane Munson says:

    Where did you get your white large bowls?

  5. ingrid d says:

    Don’t like the voice over at the beginning- seems so impersonal when your mouth doesn’t match the voice🙃sorry!

  6. Nicole Cody says:

    $129! In Australia what you bought would cost about
    $200. 🙁

  7. I've been bingeing your channel the last month as I prepare to go vegan. You aren't "mean" about going vegan and you make it seem realistic to do and not intimidating. Thank you for doing what you do and inspiring others. Also, my dream is to live in a tiny house someday. 🙂

  8. I miss your vlogs. And I love those alk videos as well 🙂

  9. Great video! Do you use tofu much? My husband cant stand the texture. Any suggestions? Keep the videos coming!

  10. Morgan Shea says:

    Is brewing your own kombucha not as good/not worth the trouble?

  11. ayidas says:

    I really liked this style of video! Thanks for the ideas, Hannah!

  12. Vegan 4Lily says:

    Do you have a video on Advocado? How much do you suggest to eat of Advocado?

  13. Love this style video! Wow, if I were to buy the same fruits and veggies (only I would not be able to get all of them organic), it would cost me about three times the amount you spent. I live in northern Vermont near the Canadian border. Welcome back!!!

  14. TheAzzy90 says:

    Can you do a video with healthy low calorie meals?

  15. Mary Sherk says:

    Thanks for sharing Hannah! I like the idea of knowing what to do with the ingredients you buy. When I buy a lot of produce items all at once they tend to go bad. I was wondering if you were going to discount your ebooks for the New Year. Having those would really make my lifestyle much more simpler. Thank you Hannah! Love your videos.

  16. heebegeebe says:

    Great video! Cucumber added to water is wonderful too!

  17. Wow thank you for sharing this video ☺️☺️

  18. Scuba Guy says:

    holy crap 129.00!! one haul? how long does that last you? notice the word organic comes up a lot. damn that expensive for a bunch of vegs but hey might be cheap out there. sprouts expensive?

  19. Make your own Kombucha Hannah. It's so simple!!

  20. entertea says:

    Just watched the summer roll video and … görrrrrl! u evolved so much. not just ur appearance. ur video style is so professionell right now. (Nevertheless I iked the old video, too.)

  21. Mary G says:

    Do another vid on the kitties, please!

  22. Amanda says:

    Amazing! Guys watch my weight loss story in my channel

  23. Adamimmune says:

    Sushi – avocado = sadness

  24. Jen Brown says:

    I'm surprised you don't make your own kombucha because you like supplying your own food stuffs. It's super easy and wicked affordable, and fun to experiment with different flavors!

  25. Lydia Hill says:

    I wish I could afford organic food 🙁 It’s too hard with a family of four on a small budget

  26. taylormeoww says:

    Love! Glad you’re back!

  27. Toffnm says:

    Hehe I actually JUST got home from a friend's house where I made your sushi for everyone (filled it with mango, bellpeppers and avocado) and everyone loved them! Looking forward to try out your other great recipes and do your 14 day meal plan again, it's amazing and sooo easy, definitely my go-to inspiration cooking plan by now. See ya in 2018 🙂

  28. Dee223 says:

    Thank you so much, Hannah!! Your food haul video was wicked awesome and it gave me some great ideas. JICAMA……something that we’ve never tried, but I can see that I have to get one this week! 👍🏼 Nice to keep that lemon water ready — definitely my favorite beverage! I personally would love to see more videos of your food hauls, as well as suggestions for recipes. Thanks for all that you do and for being an inspiration to me (and so many others).
    Peace, love, good health & happiness 💕 Denise & Ben

  29. Lisa Ash says:

    Hey girl, do you have a video on how you make your own sprouts? I've looked but I can't find anything. If you don't, could you please make one? 😘

  30. Kate Whorton says:

    Really good video Hannah but next time can you show us you making the whole recipe too☺ I love the food hauls where they show you how to use the groceries❤✌Thanks

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