Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art Of Loving Food

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38 Responses

  1. juee parab says:

    Its masale rice as a maharashtrian recipie we dont add brinjal godd masla into it nor even jaggery we add the main thing i.e lal thikat masala elz u can add red chilly masla els it wont b spicy…

  2. Ali Ahmad says:

    Shes getting old, too much plastic surgery. I watched the UK bigbrother when shilpa was in and I must say she brought upon herself some of what happened. She is not even same league as A-class Bollywood stars. She didnt marry a handsome guy either.

  3. Sweta singh says:

    Superb! Please next time coconut rice!!

  4. Shyam Prasad says:

    Is this your new house
    It's amazing then the before one

  5. Mahek 786 says:

    Make sure wat you put masala and ingredients are all avaiable for the views otherwise it is useless to use

  6. Aliyan Awan says:


  7. Jasmine B says:

    Thank you shilpha mam I definitely will try this i try your yakhi pulao….it came out awesome & it was half in time….Luv luv u can you please share some sabji recipe please thak you luv u

  8. Rajni Jaiwal says:

    Love you mam 😘,aapki sari dish bilkul apki tarah sweet 😘 and namkin Hoti hai ,aur baccho ke liye Mummy Jaisi, love you again

  9. SHILPA PAWAR says:

    Your recipes are always awesome. But you use different kind of ingredients.. Like rice type masala and all . But as always awesome

  10. Rekha Mhatre says:

    Mam I am your fan nice recepi

  11. Nice vry nice . U r awesome

  12. Nice! veggies at the hand & time saver! Mam! what ingredient does this gouda massala contain!

  13. Worse rice recipe i have ever seen.. what was the recipi by the way???? Its a nightmare recipi… Sorrry per khana haar koi.nahi banna sakta rice ko pot mein dalne mae ke baad itne spoon kon chalata h bhai?? Rice tooth jaayege?? Rice ks ek ek daana alaag hona cheyein waise bhi masale mein tu koi baat mein maaal nahi tha kamaskaam rice kholey bantey tu thori dish achi lagti.. it was like khichri mainly made for sick person..

  14. shital shah says:

    Now who put jaggery sugar in masala rice… This is not masala rice change name to mitha rice..

  15. aisa masale bhat nhi hota… usme baingan nhi dalte… kuch bhi..

  16. I love masale bhaat! Shilpa mam just one addition.. Before eating we pour a teaspoon of ghee over it!!😋 Authentic!!

  17. Wahida Kazi says:

    why sugar ?? other ingredients are right but sugar ??

  18. did you just forget peanuts or it is your recipe?

  19. Masale rice mye suger nhi padta hai

  20. Awesome shilpa I 'll try must you are so sweet and tasty love you

  21. sai krupa says:

    Hai shilpa how r u how is via n doing good job

  22. Its really yummy n quick .. thank u for sharing 😊

  23. Shahid KING says:

    Plzz first learn cooking then teach

  24. Shahid KING says:

    Why did you start cooking ? You don't know how to cook. Any financial problem

  25. san5981 says:

    oh great! comments are allowed in this video. I loved Ur chickpea and egg recipe. It comes handy for a nutritious lunch box 🙂

  26. Good try.. But this is not the real reciepe. Being maharashtrain I can assure you. The receipe is totally different…

  27. piya thapa says:

    Please sell a t shirt with the logo.
    , swast raho mast raho. Want to wear it.

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