My Go-To CHEAP & LAZY VEGAN MEAL IDEAS (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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  1. Pro-tip: Almond butter under the avocado on your avocado toast.

  2. Isabelle C says:

    Every time I see you on screen now I think about the new Star Wars 😅 you look very similar to the Rose character and obviously have the same name, you have a similar voice and also love animals! 🐴

  3. E7011 says:

    Do you keep your precooked rice + beans in the fridge? How long do they last for?

  4. marie clover says:

    love your top and food looks amazing ❤

  5. Latigra D says:

    You have the cutes clothes ☺☺☺

  6. I made the pasta! I also added some leftover onions, carrots, broccolis, green beans and soy sausage. It turned out pretty good. 😀

  7. Michelle .E. says:

    Pasta n rice is a lifesaver for vegans 😋

  8. Coni E says:

    You look insanely pretty in this vid💘

  9. I am one who hates the microwave, but I know most people don't. I do love dang near everything you mentioned in here, just not sure about beans. Avocados are sooooo yummy on toast!

  10. Love this video! When I make pasta I add roasted chickpeas for protein:) sometimes I switch it up with veggie ground , broccoli, northern beans, etc. but I completely agree that you need to add something to it

  11. Do you have a refried bean recipe?

  12. you always look amazing.. i love vegan food. i'm almost vegan. yay. i'm off meat, dairy, eggs. and i'm on sea food.. i'm going to try and be vegan. 🙂

  13. Dani Jane says:

    Rose! I love your channel so much, I've been vegetarian for 7 years and I've been cruelty free (product wise) since Jan 17, and in Jan 18 I'm doing Veganuary!! I already make loads of your recipes and i cant wait to make even more when i turn fully vegan!! Have you got any good documentary suggestions for the health side of veganism? Thanks for all your great content! ❤❤

  14. Pia H says:

    I just found your channel several hours ago searching for cheap vegan recipes… and now you're uploading the exact thing I was looking for 😂 much love from germany 💕

  15. ella s says:

    super cute shirt in the intro!!!✨❤❤

  16. Judith Loue says:

    I cook beans, and rice/grains, in bulk and freeze portions in zip-loc bags….they sure come in handy on nights when I'm too tired to fuss with meal prep. I also make sauces/dips like Hummus, Peanut Sauce, homemade Teriyaki that can really perk up a plain bowl of beans and rice (or noodles)….I love this type of video where you share ideas…

  17. You look and sound a lot like Rose from the new Star Wars movie!!!
    Im sorry I hope that isnt offensive, but your voice is really similar!!

  18. all good but 1 small piece of bread and it looks like an 8th of an avocado slice,?
    The portions are small right? 🙁

  19. Dani says:

    Yay! Thanks for these ideas!

  20. Dana Focardi says:

    rose you have been looking so great! your cheek bone / bone structure is poppin b!! love this vid ❤️

  21. Aoife Dunne says:

    How do you freeze and then reheat the rice?

  22. Quinn Smith says:

    Love these videos and looooove you!!!

  23. BlondeHilton says:

    That pasta!!😍😋😋

  24. That top is so freaking cute on you!<3

  25. D Flaherty says:


  26. I am gluten and yeast free other than rice pasta what could I use to replace nutritional yeast?

  27. lillupe254 says:

    I enjoy your recipes but I don't like it when you say something not sure of what it is. Like you weren't sure if it was a pressure cooker so you say or whatever this is. Please be more specific.

  28. I hardly comment but i really do appreciate your effort and your Videos 😊 You inspire me to go vegan 😁

  29. More!!!! I love this❤️❤️❤️ Could you do more videos like these and especially more tips with beginner vegans?👌😁

  30. GURL you eat everything with spinach! Fuck the microwave, aren’t you afraid of kidney stones? Lol

  31. You look so cute as usual! Thanks for the great ideas.

  32. The thing about cooking a big batch of beans is they get moldy or bad fast 💨 (even in covered containers in the fridge) you would have to eat them all quickly. That’s why I prefer canned ones.

  33. Cynthia Ava says:

    This was great. Very easy and not to mention inexpensive. Love what you said about the microwave.

  34. Salamander says:

    Here in Brazil we eat avocado with sugar, not with salt. You should try it, its really good. Just smash the avocado and put in a lot of sugar and a bit of lemon, whisk it and its ready to eat. Its simple and quick to make and is delicious. You can also make a drink with avocado, almond milk and peanut butter thats great. Its my favorite.

  35. I need a vegan refried bean recipe in the pressure cooker 🙂

  36. Pandora Vex says:

    Where did you get that avacado? Most of the avacado's I buy are almost a giant seed. Lol

  37. Right on about cookin your own beans,,cheaper, and add what you want to them for xtra flavor!,great ideas

  38. Yay yay yay. Love these videos.

  39. @cheaplazyvegan how do you keep you avocados from going brown? I’ve tried so many ways and it still gets Brown. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  40. Gonz Girl says:

    You rock I like anything lazy.

  41. OMG your hair 😍😍😍😍😍

  42. You always give me the best ideas for meals and look super cute while doing it!

  43. linda lohan says:


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