5 NEW Healthy Meal Prep Ideas | New Year 2018

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  1. fanofpink says:

    Make a meal prep ep all about breakfast!!!!

  2. I watched your "Healthy Essentials" videos this afternoon and loved them. Will you do more?

  3. This is very helpful thank you!!

  4. Jeff Ward says:

    Thanks for the great work. The sideways cut stuffed peppers is a good idea. My mom used to make these when I was a kid, always soggy but filling was cooked. Quite clever Sarah! Thanks again.

  5. Sugar Doodle says:

    Can you do some paleo recipes!

  6. Thanks for all this super great ideas yummy!! Love it

  7. Paige Fayy! says:

    How do you not have more subscribers!? This looks fantastic

  8. Happy New Year you beautiful lady

  9. cheryl rouse says:

    Great video. Thank you very very much. Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to more great recipes in 2018.

  10. Not a fan of chick peas, they taste like little balls of sawdust to me. I do love your other meals though, as well as this channel. One of the best I have subed to.

  11. Ayla Korkmaz says:

    Great ideas, great recipies love it,❤❤❤

  12. These r yummy
    Bt rite nw since 1yr m a vegetarian plz make.something for veggie plz I have this request

  13. You're the best! I love your ebooks, and have already gotten the new one. I don't follow everything to a T, but adapt the recipes to fit my needs & preferences, and suggest other viewers do the same. I rely on your channel to give me new ideas for home cooked meals, and surprisingly, my kids always enjoy the meals I prepare with domestic geek recipes! So THANK YOU! Please keep up the great work!

  14. Krysienka A. says:

    Great ideas. Compliments Sara :*

  15. justalurkr says:

    All of these are going on my list to try! Simple to make, looking very tasty…what's not to love?

  16. alpha babe says:

    Were living in the final days before Jesus our saviour come. now would be a good time to repent from sin, come to jesus christ with a sincere heart and become a follower of jesus christ our savoiur. Dont be blinded by the world and not accept jesus christ before it's to late. He loves you and want a relationship with you.

  17. Bacha KHAN says:

    Schöne frau gesunde küche

  18. Definitely should try it! Happy and healthy year ❤

  19. Super Mummy says:

    Heyy!! Actually i don't have a microwave so how can i heat those meals in an ordinary oven?
    And thanks.

  20. I love these videos! I seem to always be able to find at least one recipe I can't wait to try! You really cater to everybody's eating preferences and I love it. Now in this case, I can't wait to try THREE of the recipes you included. I'm drooling!

  21. Sammy0211 says:

    Veggies all the way, your meals are so colourful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😘😘😘

  22. What kind of meat cut did you use/do you suggest for the beef and broccoli?

  23. thank you so much for these meal preps sarah! i´d like to know what are those staples ingredients that you can sugest to always have at home that can help us to create different dishes?

  24. Birute00 says:

    Happy New Year 2018. A light came on for me today that many of your meal preps can work for people who use the Hot Logic Mini.😍

  25. Happy with the veggie options! 😁👌

  26. Leese Emme says:

    Love your attitude! Happy New Year!

  27. Cassidy Winn says:

    Could you make a video with plant-based/vegan meal prep ideas? Much love to you in this new year!

  28. Misty Taylor says:

    i love watching your videos and love your simple and easy recipes my favorite ones are healthy diet recipes stay on track thank you so much for sharing your recipes and can you do video on healthy recipes on budget for whole month when you go grocery shopping because i shop for whole month every month i try stay around $130 for food whole month if possible thanks happy new year 2018…..

  29. nata3ldta says:

    Thanks for these beautiful meal prep ideas! I am looking forward to making my coworkers envious 😀

  30. Awesome! I'm gonna try them all (just turning them vegan) THANK U!

  31. Nan Zingrone says:

    I love your recipes and the meal prep videos you do, but I'm wondering if you have tried freezing some of the ideas you have. My husband and I have difficulty eating leftovers all up because we really don't like to eat the same thing every day for dinner. So I was thinking if I did a big weekend meal prep, what are the best to freeze and then reheat. I'm going to try this with some recipes that I think would work well, but I was wondering about what you would recommend. My plan is to have two or three weeks worth of ideas, make them, freeze most and have something different for every night of the present work week, and then hit the freezer for another week's worth with a different variation and see how that goes. Does that make sense?

  32. D.A. Ragland says:

    🥂🍾 happy new year!

  33. What a lovely bit of food inspiration for January. I was never sure whether I could get away with putting the dressing over the salad without it going soggy so going to give it a go! Happy new year xx

  34. K8Marie42 says:

    Exactly what I needed ❤

  35. I'm sorry domestic but these meals that you are prepping are very far from healthy as of one of these Foods you have are a type 2 carcinogen which means a probable cause of cancer eggs have the most cholesterol they can even legally be labeled as healthy nutritious or safe on food if you truly want to benefit people in their health you will want to look into the benefits of a plant-based whole some diet thank you have a beautiful day

  36. Nadine Dessa says:


  37. 🤗🤗🤗🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  38. Hi, Sara Lynn. Your meal prep ideas look beautiful, just like your smile. What's your best tip for handling beef? Have a good day, Sara Lynn. <3

  39. Timmy Tam says:

    Hello!! I'm so hungry now!! LOVE U

  40. Amrik Gola says:

    First comment! Thank u for this video Sarah!

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