Homemade Hot Chocolate (Quick and Easy) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Adorable! Happy Holidays!

  2. MarkPMus says:

    Oh Manjula best wishes for 2018. Lovely to see your grand kids enjoying themselves and the whole thing boiling over! That's a bit like my cooking. I don’t try every recipe of yours, but I like to think I have your philosophy of vegetarianism and gentle handling and cooking of food. You’re an inspiration and deserve your own TV series.

  3. wendy murphy says:

    what a beautiful family Mandjula!!! Happy New Year!!! and thank you for the recipes!!!

  4. So sweet! Love it! Happy New Year Manjula! – Juhi

  5. CocoPuffzs says:

    Beautiful Family. Happy New Year🎉🎉🔔

  6. happy new year from wales

  7. Dela Harper says:

    I have been watching your channel for a couple of years now and I really enjoy it. I've seen your grandchildren in a couple of your videos and they are all adorable but your oldest granddaughter is beautiful!

  8. weedygarden says:

    Beautiful grandchildren, Manjula! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. LMAO loved the bloopers

  10. That nudge at 0:22. Hahahaha. Bless you, Aunty Manjula!!

  11. Thanks for sharing the sweet video with your family. Happy New Year wishes from Canada.

  12. Oh dear Manjula, I love this video… You know, we all feel part of your family!

  13. JuztMeMe says:

    Lovely grandkids like grandma!

  14. PINK912611 says:

    Adorable children!!

  15. Mary Scott says:

    Happy New Year Manjula, you have a beautiful family. Thank you for your recipes.

  16. Its really fun to watch your grand children havingfun too.happy new year.

  17. Paula Dion says:

    Hey Manjula, Happy New Year to you and your family! Hot Chocolate is especially good this time of year.

  18. Your grandchildren are so cute! Very nice video!

  19. Miranda Hall says:

    Happy New year everyone

  20. Miranda Hall says:

    Haha you should do videos of all the bloopers.
    I always soil milk when boiling

  21. Good job, kids! I had a good giggle over the pot boiling over. I look forward to the new recipes in 2018. Happy New Year Manjula.

  22. paksallion says:

    too cute mashaAllah

  23. Ree Grub says:

    Great idea to cook with the grands. I cook with my grandson all the time. We love having fun in the kitchen.

  24. The children are perfect. So sweet Manjula. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love this channel Happy new year Manjula

  25. Wishing you and your family Happy New Year!!!! Thank you!

  26. snakex555 says:

    Happy new year Manjula and family! Thanks for helping me learn how to cook and feed myself and my family good food!

  27. Gosh microwaveing a package of premix done seem so cool know. Can you still by brick chocolate at Safeway?

  28. kathi M says:

    A very nice video I came across your channel by chance. I'm from Germany. The things you cook always look so delicious .. What you can conjure from such simple things I find good.

  29. I could do with this right now so delicious 😋

  30. Suad Omeer says:


  31. oheck says:

    Beautiful grandchildren. Thank you for sharing them with us. Best wishes for the New Year.

  32. Beautiful grandchildren, thanks for sharing 😋

  33. Happy new year madam. And nice recipe.

  34. Happy Holidays! What a lovely family! You are so blessed!

  35. cullion says:

    Thanks Manjula, you're my favorite on youtube

  36. Wow! You guys look amazing together! Have an awesome new year!

  37. Hattie Rose says:

    Dear Manjula I really enjoyed watching you and your grandchildren making Hot Chocolate! Going to go into my kitchen and make some of this with some marshmellows. Happy New year 2018 to you and your dear family. God Bless all of you! 🙂

  38. Mnrusty1 says:

    So sweet! What wonderful grandchildren!

  39. Janny Louis says:

    From Kenya greetings

  40. Janny Louis says:

    Oh wow. Thanks. All the best in the new year. Waiting for your recipes. All good. Thanks. Happy new year

  41. patysays says:

    Lovely having the grandkids w you. Happy New year 2018.

  42. Manjula I love this video charming kids a tiny accident and lots of laughs

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