What I Eat in a Day (Vegan) // Easy Healthy Recipes

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  1. Hi guys!!! I hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start. ❤️ Thinking of creating a Veganuary series for people interested in going more plant-based! Any requests for video topics?

  2. Naomi Malone says:

    You eat so hedonistically, I love it lol

  3. Jo Harris says:

    Happy New Year! I bought coconut wraps from Thrive Market and loved them but wanted to make my own wraps so I made Navajo fry bread. I also love this bread but it was too heavy and not a wrap, (I thought I could roll it out really thin). Anyway, thank you and much peace!

  4. Reva R says:

    At the hospital with my stepdad that just had a heart attack. Showing him some of your videos about healthy meals and meat alternatives. Trying to get him to go vegan. At least he’s open to trying a few recipes! Thank you!

  5. FreakyBo0o says:

    Happy Vegan New Year!! xx

  6. Juice says:

    Netflix helped me go vegan😁👍Fantastic vlog video, Sarah. It's always a pleasure connecting with a fellow YouTuber on social media.

  7. I'm a vegetarian that eats plant based most of the time 🙂 Little by little I'm getting more and more plant based, at home I always eat vegan, sometimes when I go out or to a friend's house I
    eat vegetarian.

  8. Oh girl! That tortilla soup!👌🏻Will be making that.

  9. Sarah, I love all your videos!! And your recipes are bomb! Love itt

    On a side note: how does squarespace sponsors your videos? Don't know if you can talk about details here, tho… I was just wondering, because I can see how Thrive sponsors food videos, but not squarespace =O is it through the blog?
    Anyways, sorry if that's a bit intrusive, I was just curious ^^

  10. You had me at frittata girl 😍😋! BOMB AF 👌🏾

  11. teacup_ninja says:

    Wonderful quick recipes, great video and happy new year.

  12. I slowly started the vegan lifestyle in November of 2017, but for this year, I'm going to use all my new energy to be more productive with better habits 🙂 thank you for keeping it awesome in your videos!

  13. only ethical says:

    I now dream of your pumpkin cinnabuns daily 💚

  14. Sema Hekima says:

    Sarah, how many ounces or milliliters is the bowl from which you dine? It looks like 16 oz. Again nice wholesome recipes. Thanks!

  15. Emily Wilson says:

    WHERE did you get that shirt? I'm a huge Princess Mononoke fan. 🙂

  16. Made my first batch of saitan thanks to you

  17. Sarah Grant says:

    Where are you getting your Jack fruit? I have seen it fresh only at my local fresh fields market (it can be kinda pricey tho). More info on how to use it, etc would be awesome. 😁

  18. I am going vegetarian this year and planning on going vegan after that !

  19. SakuraR17 says:

    For your tortilla soup you should try adding Chile guajillo, a dehidrated pepper. Cut it with scissors into small pieces, saute it just a bit and top your soup. You could also try top it w/vegan cream.

  20. My resolution is to eat more variety of foods and to move more. I’m already vegan, just trying to eat less processed food.

  21. Brian Gawlik says:

    That tahini sauce is brilliant!

  22. I didn’t start because of the new year. I started a little less than a year ago actually. Everyday I try to make a small change in my diet. Small progress is better then none… I try to make one meal a day a vegan meal. I’m ready to start making it two soon. I have tried to go veggie/vegan before, but was unsuccessful because the change was too much too soon. Your videos are what urge me to keep going. They inspire me to eat yummy and not be afraid of change. Oh, and my puppies love watching your videos too.

  23. Hello, I am planning on going more plant based. I'm already semi-vegetarian. I make a lot of dishes with tofu and have tried tempeh (I did not like it). I live in a very small town and it's 20-30 minutes to the next town with a bigger grocery store. What other options other than tofu can I use as a meat substitute??

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