Potato smiley Recipe in Tamil | Samayal | Homemade Easy Crispy Smiley Recipe | How to Make / Cook

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  1. Hyya. Super bommai. I like it very much papa. Enaku bommai na rompa pidikum. Supr super. Etho magic iruku unga hands la, 😘

  2. Super. Wish u Happy New Year 😊😊😊

  3. Bobby P says:

    Happy new year mam.i subscribed your channel 😊

  4. Fridge illama seiya mudiyadha mam

  5. na etha try panan romba supara vathuche ungaluko romba thanks etha video pane kamchathuku

  6. Nihal Nibras says:

    wow arumaya differenta irukku sis thank u so much

  7. Enga veetla fridge illa

  8. Super ka happy new year,,, நல் ஆரோக்கியம் பெருக!

  9. Happy new year Sister 👌👌👌👌recipe.

  10. Semma sis 👏👏👌👌Happy New Year Sis🎊🎉🌹💐

  11. Supper dish, cheese podama saiyalama sister

  12. mam kandippa cheese potte aaganuma podama seiya mudiyadha

  13. aseela s says:

    Super snacks fridge la freezer la vaikanuma keelae vaikanuma happy new year

  14. Sri says:

    Happy new year akka.superb

  15. Sathiya Sagi says:

    super recipe. wish you happy new year sis.

  16. happy New year my dear sister ☺️ salikafarook

  17. karthik idea says:

    superb,my son likes smile,first time try pannaporen.

  18. Chand Bibi says:

    Assalaamu.alaikkum. wish.you.a.very.happy.new.year.super.evening.snacks.very.colourfultimately.

  19. வாவ் பார்க்கும்போதே சூப்பராயிருக்கு

  20. Priya Jancy says:

    Happy new year sister

  21. Sumi Ammu says:

    Happy New year sis

  22. elango gayu says:

    super. wish you a happy New Year.

  23. Masha Allah. This is Super special

  24. Happy new year papa's kitchen …. let u rock ths yr with grt recepies

  25. Tasty Twist says:

    nice channel!just subbed hope you sub me back.thanks

  26. Palani Akila says:

    Happy new year ka ….

  27. Wish you happy new year

  28. Super good papa s happy new year papa s

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