Easy & Healthy Vegan Meal Prep for the New Year (Bento Box)

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  1. Susan Hoppe says:

    Just the way you cook tofu, oh yeah

  2. Do you use tahini which delighted with water or you use it in it raw form?

  3. lolor17 says:

    More instant pot recipes please! 😄

  4. I love these recipes and how simple yet amazing they are. Super helpful

  5. J-Horse says:

    I want someone to make bars for people that have an oat allergy…

  6. Do you think green lentils would work to substitute for red in the last recipe? I don’t have any red lentils🤦‍♀️

  7. ashley Love says:

    You are such an Inspiration, I am addicted to your channel..☺️

  8. Wow that breakfast bar recipe is so unique and looks amazing! I am definitely going to bake this today 😊

  9. Darwin says:

    this person is a angel sent for God

  10. Iheart2cook says:

    The salted caramel bars! They look delicious!!

  11. Could I use the sweet potato and red lentils with quinoa ??

  12. Nugs White says:

    How do you get your teeth so white?

  13. Just wondering, are you completely vegan or just plant based with your foods? Are all the things you own/use (clothes, makeup, shoes, body products, etc..) all vegan?

  14. fb says:

    what brand tahini do you use?

  15. Andri J says:

    so I'm a noob to cooking, but why do you need to add tomato paste if you already have crushed/diced tomatoes?

  16. How did you press your tofu? Also, are the Ball jars microwaveable without the lid on? All of these look so delicious and amazing!

  17. Great recipes Caitlin! Ty!

  18. Erin Dolan says:

    Anything that would work as a substitute for the bars if you don't like apples?

  19. Mélina L-A says:

    Hi Caitlin ! I am from Canada, Quebec more precisely, and I wanted to know if you heard of a market similar to Thrive market. Thanks in advance and Just so you know, you videos are really inspiring and great to watch ! <3

  20. Dhrithi Kota says:

    I LOVE your new profile picture on youtube and your new logo on your website!

  21. leslie H says:

    All the recipes look wonderful! Out of curiosity what size InstaPot do you have? I've been thinking about getting one mostly to make beans/legumes.

  22. ooooooo those look soooo yummy, going to have to try that sweet potato and red lentil stew

  23. cant wait to try the soup & the stew! actually even the breakfast bars!

  24. Amelia McGee says:

    I swear in every one of your videos there is something I want to make. Definitely making the protein bars soon! Thanks!

  25. Im loving the aesthetics in this video 😍

  26. I’m really happy that the breakfast bars have no banana since I’m allergic to it.

  27. Great job more please!

  28. FrootKat says:

    That is my kinda food!!!!!

  29. I'll make the bars first 🙂

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