Banana Pancakes Recipe Grandpa | Easy Homemade Pancakes | Grandpa Kitchen

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  1. Stevany J says:

    Love you guys! Should have called him grandpa grill since he’s not really in a kitchen. 😋 you are the best grandpa.

  2. Mehak 2000 says:

    Love. U and yor work 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Thatta,,,iam frm chennai,,i like all video

  4. Of course I’m here from Facebook at 2am and yes I’m gonna binge this whole channel

  5. toooooo pretty😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Look at the flicka da wrist woooooo

  7. That’s looks beyond of what Gorden Ramsey can do

  8. xox fashion says:

    Can you make tacos???

  9. Good job hi from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

  10. What a beautiful man you are grandpa. Love you from Mexico 😘

  11. The sound of mushing the bananas

  12. Omg lookz so good

    I'm hungry but I suck at making food.

  13. Zapera says:

    Every one!!! Subscribe me!!! I will Subscribe you✔Nice video!!!📽 I subscribed!!Permently!!connected💹 checkout💯%📶✔thnx🕭Done!!!

  14. God bless you for your nobility

  15. Baby Black says:

    me deu aguá na boca esses videos😋 / 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  16. you are so nice, ill make this tomorrow 🙂 love it

  17. Ja'net Grant says:

    I like how he put the bananas in the fire first then mash them so it will be easier to mash. YOU SMART, no I'm serious.

  18. Grandpa is about to hit 1mill, subs !! 💪 like if he and his family deserve it. 🙏

  19. Vux Cresent says:

    You inspired me to be chef one day just like you 3rd grandpa

  20. ضة فض says:

    ‏يا عمي انت

  21. Can you make spaghetti??

  22. Kalo Bikin Pancakes Jangan 😠 Pake Salt / Garam Kan Uda Di Kasih Gula Saya Ajah Bikin Pancake Gak Salt Pake Gula Sama Susu Putih 🍵Ajah Kakek Mau Bikin Pancake Asin Gak Enak Lah 😅 Rasa Nya Lain Kali Jangan Pake Salt Ya Kek ☺Saya Indonesia !

  23. RV D says:

    When he makes something cooking looks so easy

  24. Gabby Gabby says:

    Trully an amazing person grandpa♥ but dont overwork yourself please

  25. they the fuck do y'all come here if your going to dislike

  26. The children's can be adopted?

  27. Cricket Dude says:

    Do a kottu roti recipe pls

  28. Chezzy Nerds says:

    Kitchen grandpa you should make a ice cream cake

  29. Long live grandpa may shiva ji bless you and all of our hearts

  30. Punam Khadka says:

    Why is the guy next to grandpa so serious all the time ?

  31. MsAzul69 says:

    This channel is one of my favoritve channels in youtube. Nice and awsome job grandpa!😊😀😉

  32. VanMorten says:

    Poor people STOP BREEDING!

  33. Cindy Qiu says:

    Jake paul and logan need to learn some of this

  34. Jack Smith says:

    You deserve a blessed life. If only 5% of people acted like you then there wouldn't be hunger problems.
    People talk bad about religions but this good is the product of faith, love and a wanting to help your fellow man.
    This is a beautiful thing he does and should be applauded every day!

  35. grandfather!! I already told you to cook some tacos of suadero greetings from Mexico

  36. cow play says:

    This is just beautyfull, but i have to ask. Were does the food he uses to Cook (ingredientes) come from? Does he but it hgets it donated? Just sometido i always wanted to ask.

  37. Xernius says:

    I love what you do , grandpa , and i respect you , as a suggestion , if you have ducks in your reigon of the world , you should do a duck biyrani recipe.

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