Anda Pav Street Food | Easy Egg Recipes | Egg Street Food India

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34 Responses

  1. laxmi maurya says:

    This place is not good for health and food

  2. Denim Gogoi says:

    Do not eat this …he did not wash the bowl …

  3. Soni C says:

    ye kana insan ko detha he ya janwar ko.. so ganda oil he yar .

  4. Udher koi helth problum nahyyekya…

  5. looks like he had put waste engine oil from mechanic shop instead of edible oil.

  6. Are Bhai engine oil use kar rahe ho kya kitna kharab oil hai

  7. Ahsan Zahid says:

    motorbike ka fayka hua engine oil. Jo kha nasay kidni kharab ho jaiga.

  8. mighty 11 says:

    And plus look at the colour of oil ,truned black .

  9. mighty 11 says:

    Oh Goddddd it is soo unhygenic ,right from start, he picked up the dustbin to put the egg shells ,with same hands he parted the egg ,again for some reason he washed his hands in his dirty bucket water and conti the work,

  10. Gita Mahanta says:

    The seller is very tidy

  11. Raj kumar says:

    oil kitna ganda hai 😫😷😫😫

  12. URmilaRG says:

    In Mumbai,street foods are complete food for many people.Even its a daily diet of many people ,surprisingly having street food doesn't creat any health issue.

  13. "message pad pad ke bp high Hogaya" 😄😄😄

  14. noer 91 says:

    black oil 🙊🙊🙊🙊😲😲😲😲😲

  15. rahmat dian says:

    they dont know what is the spoon and the gloves..

  16. Avni nain says:

    What a mess yaar inke kapde bhi bht hai

  17. Vinod Bhatal says:

    O oil kitana kala hai oil badal pahale fir dikha

  18. kitna ganda oli use kar rha hai colur dekho uss ka

  19. Shinod Tnr says:

    Oil colour is red not for good. He is not wash vessels

  20. Sarmi Roy says:

    Starting from the beginning he is going good, but in middle of the video ( at 3:26 ), he took a bowl where he kept his money, he transferred the besan batter into it. 🤢😷. Take a look closely.

  21. RAJA PANI says:

    Black oil disgusting

  22. Rajesh Birje says:

    Bhai yancha patta tr sang

  23. Parth Patel says:

    where is this stall in mumbai? indeed looks tempting

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