Easy Three Ingredient Recipes | Minimalist Cooking Ideas

Easy Three Ingredient Recipes: Minimalist Cooking Ideas
In this video, my sister Lizzie and i share some easy three ingredient recipes to help inspire you to cook like a minimalist and simplify your cooking. Sometimes it feels like eating healthier or cooking at home can be complicated, but there are many different recipes that can be very simple to make and can still be just as delicious! All of these can be made very simply and are super yummy! In this video, we are making a pineapple coconut smoothie, bruschetta, bean soup, spinach pasta, chocolate truffles and chocolate covered strawberries! We hope you enjoy these easy minimalist recipes!

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2 Responses

  1. What a GREAT video! I love the bruscetta recipe w/ hummus. I would add basil, and it would be perfect for me!

  2. I'm definitely doing the chocolate covered strawberries, along with raspberries and blackberries for my next potluck dish. Thanks for the recipes!

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