Healthy Chickpea/Channa Salad Recipe For Weight Loss -Easy Dinner Salad Recipes To Lose Weight Fast-

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17 Responses

  1. durga pilli says:

    Your expert at cooking mam love you

  2. Yummy as well as healthy thanks a lot chechi 😍😘

  3. I bought an iron kadai.can u pls tell me how to season it??

  4. Deepa DAS M says:

    Please do a video on growing lettuce at home

  5. Grishma Jani says:

    Its nice recipe mam but can you explain why to use pink himalayan salt cant we use normal white salt

  6. priyanka m says:

    very nice ma'am😍

  7. Where can we get the iron kadai?i searched in some of the local market but found only alluminium ones.If possible pls provide any link for online purchase

  8. K Rekha says:

    Is it good for thyroid patients

  9. Raha Amrin says:

    Looks beautiful and yummyyyy

  10. looks so yummy n healthy

  11. Hi sister super recipe once again

  12. shami ellias says:

    We can also make some roti rolls with chana stuff is it? Thank you nisa chechi
    all ur videos r healthy as well as tasty pls share family pics

  13. A complete meal…woww…just wowww…

  14. cooking in cast iron pan, helps in iron absorption! today, I am sharing a low carb chickpea/channa salad for weight loss, perfect for lunch or dinner. #weightloss #skinnyrecipes #nisahomey #healthysalad #saladrecipe

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