How To Make Hot Chocolate for Dogs | DIY Easy Dog Treats Recipe 91

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  1. You guys have been asking for this one for a LONG time! So here it is! Hot Chocolate for Dogs (No REAL Chocolate in this recipe). And hey, if you want to see us make MORE food, but for PEOPLE, head on over to our NEW channel and come make some people food with us!

  2. Maybe animal crackers for dogs (but they are healthy) so they can be used as training treats

  3. Then shouldn’t it be called Hot Carob 😁

  4. I always wanted you guys to make hot chocolate for dogs

  5. HOLO UNICORN says:

    Can you make candy canes for dogs or something similar even though it’s past Christmas but I think the candy canes could be like twisted cookies or something

    Edit: I saw the video on candycane cookies lol I guess I missed it

  6. mouse lover says:

    You should do beef stew for dogs . : D

  7. How about try to make doggy popcorn 🍿

  8. You should make DIY Chicken Noodles For Dogs!

  9. Tanvi says:

    Can you make some meal topper for dry food for dogs?

  10. Mutt Putt says:

    Spaghetti for dogs! Like so she can see or BANNABRED


  12. Lps Lion says:


  13. Lps Lion says:

    366th!!!! Sorry I had to and hello random person scrolling through the comments watch out don't sink into the 1st peeps

  14. SweetKiwiDIY says:

    I requested this!!!!

  15. I'm sad because I'm allergic to milk and ANY milk I mean

  16. I have made this as soon as I saw it, my dogs are always begging for my hot chocolate but I do not give them any so this was perfect! Thx for an amazing video, my dogs love carab they are not allowed it to often, can they have ready wip?

  17. Awesome I'll half to try making this!

  18. Aswome vids ill try to make that for my husky turbo

  19. RoxcityCSM says:

    where's my "carob, not chocolate" T-shirt

  20. winter land says:

    You should make merch that says CAROB NOT CHOCOLATE😂😂

  21. Dam Anges says:

    My puppy love it!👍👍👍

  22. How about Chinese food for dogs?

  23. Sky Acuña says:

    My new aesthetics: Jess saying, "C-A-R-O-B. Not Chocolate!"

  24. You should make spegetti and meatballs for dogs.

  25. Ana Smith says:

    Made this in a blender. I just let it blend til it was hot. Tried it, was yummy!

  26. wildcat98 says:

    how about tacos for dogs

  27. Do French macaroons for dogs🐩

  28. Keith Bates says:

    Hi Jess nice vlog. COOL Hot Cocoa for dogs! We might try that!! Joan Bates

  29. So if you do the same thing but put it in the fridge you can have "chocolate" milk for dogs 🙂

  30. I'm so excited! My card came today! Its so cute! Thank you for doing this!

  31. Too cute!! What does carob taste like?

  32. Kay Chareon says:

    Yummy I’m gonna make real hot chocolate for my self now.
    Still waiting on the sushi sushi sushi 🍣

  33. Memphis has the prettiest brown eyes.

  34. Evelyn Yau says:

    At the beginning when you guys poured the 2 first ingredients it looked like cereal

  35. How about crapes for dogs =^.^= like a japanese crape

  36. they can have chocolate

  37. Stefan says:

    BUT, when your dogs die one die, whats it gonna be?
    Should get you a male Siberian at some point. To pass on the genes so they can live forever.

  38. Aww at 3:19 Shelby's markings made a little S shape on her back 💙💜💚

  39. The addition of the white tablecloth really adds to overall recipe video. Guessing it's much easier on the cleanup too.

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