Top 5 Best Healthy Eating Recipes

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  1. Congratulations on the wee one! Happy New Year!

  2. X Sinclair says:

    Congrats on your new addition to your fam and thank you for the reboot video!

  3. Eileen m says:

    Happy New Year and congratulations on your new baby! I've been busy making recipes from your cookbook "Fresh" which I received for Christmas. Everything I've tried so far has been very good. Thanks.

  4. aj Alderwood says:

    I need healthy HOT breakfast ideas that do NOT include eggs or oats! I can't eat either and It's negative 3 degrees where I live so cold breakfasts are just unappealing.

  5. krish rawat says:

    Thad for this recipe

  6. MiuNya says:

    He says burger but it's more like a falafel kebab but looks good

  7. MiuNya says:

    I wish I could find a husband like him. He's so cute and talented ;-; his significant other is so lucky

  8. Hi Donal, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
    By the way, can I use extra virgin olive oil instead of coconut oil in the granola recipe? thanks

  9. Chaltu Hai says:

    Happy new year …the youngest chef

  10. Happy new year to you, your wife, and brand new bambino! Many blessings in the year ahead!!!

  11. When was Ur baby born?

  12. GQue BBQ says:

    Good tips right there!

  13. I want to sleep in that awesome new kitchen lol I am impressed to see healthy food on your channel! I’d like to see more of that on 2018! Thank you for inspiring me.

  14. OMGGGG THE BABY!!!!! <3

  15. I want to know where Donal gets his colour changing carrots from 😂

  16. Happy New Year Donal, Sophie and Noah – Can't wait to see Noah – who does he look like or is it too soon to tell – God Bless

  17. Hey Donal! Your beetroot burgers are just amazing! They are the best burgers I have ever eaten and I love making them! I basically introduced them to pretty much everyone I know and they all love them- meatlovers, vegetarians- everybody! Thank you so much for inspiring me to cook thoughtfully and for sharing your passion! <3

  18. Palma Pechy says:

    I would like to see more tofu, frozen fish, and more pulses and rice dishes. I would also like to see more chicken recipes as well in 2018. You are a very talented chef Donal. Thanks for all the tips!

  19. Palma Pechy says:

    Great budget friendly and healthful recipes. Thanks! I will give them a try! 🙂

  20. jzouzie1 says:

    Congrats on your beautiful growing family too 😍🤗🐥

  21. jzouzie1 says:

    You are so adorable! This is a delicious video for our New Years resolutions!!!!

  22. J McHugh says:

    This s great Donal 👍🏻 Happy new year to you all from Howth 🎇💚🍾

  23. ar. v. says:

    More healthy recipes like this would be great 🙂 Wonderful video!

  24. maya thebee says:

    Hi Donal! Happy New Year from Paris! I would love to see on-the-go recipes, for work or school ! Also, would meal prep be a thing for you ? 🙂 love your channel !

  25. Bee says:

    love your videos Donal, but I'm so beyond tired of "it's january I have to make up for the holidays" fad everywhere. I'm completely against that train of thought and it's really sad that people don't allow themselves a treat at the end of the year without thinking they need to eat in a restrict way for a month. And will be doing the same thing every single year.

    having said that, happy new year, congratulations on your baby boy.

  26. mammacatta says:

    New baby! How about som pics? Vi älskar ju sånt!

  27. Do a SORTED food collaboration in 2018!

  28. I'm waiting for a new video. Have a good break with ur little kid and come back soon!

  29. D.A. Ragland says:

    Happy new year!!!! So glad to have a “long” video! Hi baby Skehan!

  30. Bro do a video on different types of PIZZA' s….

  31. fatima sajid says:

    why don't u respond to comments anymore? 😭

  32. Love to see you all! Happy New Year ❤️

  33. Wee McQ says:

    Happy New Year and congrats on the wee one! I discovered your stuff at Christmas when I was looking for a gingerbread house recipe and totally love your stuff. Cheers for the video's

  34. Raheen Khan says:

    ❤❤halthy food❤❤

  35. That Sexual Vegan Tension though. 😛

  36. Gina Cullum says:

    Happy New Year! Peace and love to your family. ❤

  37. Quick hack for potatoes instead of frying them cut them however you want put them on a pan drizzle them with olive oil season them and bake

  38. Ice Dragon says:

    Hi!! Happy New Year in 2018!! Mmmmm…. I like the burger with the avocado… Taste delicious,… Feeling my mouth watering!! Great cooking!! See U anytime!!

  39. MrCordycep says:

    Reset button? I need a reset panel where I just mash everything. 😥

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