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  1. Hey you guys! It's 2018, a new year – so I really wanted to share some super quick healthy breakfast ideas that are REALLY EASY to make, and that are a bit healthier! Let's stick to our New Year's resolutions, and reach our goals!!!

    Hope this helps to make reaching your goals a bit easier, and I hope you love these quick, easy healthy breakfast ideas & recipes as much as I do!
    Liezl XO

    PS – the next parts of the weight loss series for 2018 are coming real soon! (as mentioned in my previous video). Stay tuned! ❤️

  2. I just started trying to lose weight and my biggest thing is trying to find a protein powder that I just love. A lot of people of course they're trying to sell you there's but what type of protein would you recommend that doesn't taste disgusting.

  3. This video came at the perfect time. Great ideas.

  4. iulia barbu says:

    Great ideas thank you 😘

  5. karen young says:

    finally ~ ve been waiting for ur new upload x))

  6. Lara Z says:

    Am i the only one who literally doesn’t even have any time to make a breakfast like this on the morning?😂

  7. Ana G says:

    Can a smoothie be the only think I eat as breakfast? Or I need to add something else? Nice video 😋

  8. Amanda Benko says:

    I love all your recipies! I make them nearly everyday. Been following you for a while. 🙂

  9. Shang Jamil says:

    Wow you look amazing 😍

  10. Great vid!! 😎💪❤

  11. Carolina C says:

    new subscriber 🙂 loved it 🙂

  12. Faith Queen says:

    what a great recipes love it
    thank you for sharing

  13. Anna K. says:

    Are you going to include the calories also in the post? Those look amazing btw, I will try the chia pudding tomorrow 😁

  14. The best recipes♥♥ Greetings from Poland<3

  15. Ophelia says:

    I looove your recipes!!

  16. Loved the background music during the intro.. so different 😀

  17. your recipes are always the best !

  18. Caela Lord says:

    Love this 😍😍😍

  19. Audrey Rod says:

    Love your videos!❤
    Can I suggest you to do a healthy snack-ideas video? You always have great ideas and i'm out of inspiration these time…
    Love you from Switzerland!❤

  20. I love your videos! You’ve inspired me to eat my vegetables more 🙂

  21. Iza Kisiel says:

    Yes! happy to see it! <3 😀

  22. Ax X says:


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