10 Amazing Cakes & Desserts in 10 Minutes Compilation by How To Cook That, Ann Reardon

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25 Responses

  1. Hi everyone, it's actually Dave here because Ann is having a week off (her first proper break in over 6 years, can you believe that!). She'll be back on deck next week and I know she already has something amazing planned for you guys. In the meantime, enjoy this little compilation, a walk down memory lane & make sure you let Ann know in the comments what you'd like to see more of in 2018 😎

  2. buttercup says:

    The Clash of Clan cake was my fav. So talented Ann 🙂

  3. Hey Ann today I’m going to see the new movie the greatest showman and so I thought could you please make something to do with the new movie the greatest showman. Thank you. Also I love how creative you are with your cakes.❤️

  4. Hey ann…. enjoy ur much awaited and much deserving break after a long time.?u always rock, always inspire…

  5. Do you have an Insta I really wanna show u how my emoji cake went 😂

  6. Space Kid says:

    i thought the cake in the thumbnail was the character from american horror story hotel

  7. Raven Hunter says:

    Hey Ann, absolutely love your work 💜💜 my friend's birthday is coming up in a month or two and she loves Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, can you make a tutorial for something from the movie?

  8. Could you do a video experimenting making water ice or polish water ice

  9. Luolin Jiang says:

    I love you so so much Ann

  10. the thumbnail freaked me out aaaah hides nightmares tonight

    but i love all these cakes omg

  11. Don't give up ur awsome!!!!😁😁😁

  12. That LV bag was bomb !! And the comb/zipper idea too !! And the Jimmy Choo shoe!! Sorry it’s just that your’e so creative !

  13. Silvy Bilvy says:

    Ann deserves it she has been working very hard

  14. noly moly says:

    A Dolan Twins cake!

  15. anne can you please make another boxy looking minecraft cake? and also a neko atsume cake? pleeeeeease

  16. anne is the best cake artist ever!

  17. More like 8 cakes in 10 minutes

  18. Enjoy your time off Ann, we support you and your channel so much!

  19. Well done on getting exactly 10 minutes! Great video

  20. Your videos are fun or good to watch any more

  21. Ella Witzig says:

    Can you please do a challenge

  22. Crazy Donuts says:

    I just loved the emoji cake art.❤

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