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16 Responses

  1. Diana E says:

    Yay another healthy food video! Loved it! Quick and easy and healthy is right up my alley! This busy mama has no time for long time cooking

  2. Priscilla M. says:

    I love your smoothie cup it's so cute ☺

  3. I have never seen someone cook scrambled eggs off of the burner like that! I was like Waaahhhhhtttt?!! LOL I have to try that! Magic powers!

  4. miya Ramirez says:

    Great video Sonia 👍😘

  5. . says:

    A fatty shouldn’t be giving healthy diet advice….

  6. Love these videos 😊

  7. Prbella05 says:

    Love these hauls so much. Please do more😘

  8. raecat90 says:

    These all look delicious!!

  9. muempire says:

    Where did you get your bowl from? I love it! (3:58)

  10. kcorado17 says:

    Love these! Where did you get those cute glasses?

  11. Great video Sonia and I love the Broguires Dairy container you used. Aren't those containers so cute? I've got a few myself.

  12. cassykg says:

    where is the cup with the lid and straw for the smoothie from?

  13. ItsSayrah3 says:

    Are you still doing the Keto diet? Can you post some recipes that are Keto friendly?

  14. Jo La says:

    Great videos, keep em coming!!!

  15. Yayyy ! And now I'm hungry 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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