3 Easy Cold Lunches to Mix & Match

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  1. Mojo 88 says:

    What size container did you use?

  2. I'm torn between the Tex-Mex and the one with the chickpea salad. But really, all three sound delicious!

  3. 👏👏,,Is Right👍!!!!

  4. Please do more like this! Loved the video. Thanks.

  5. I love how you cut all your veggies so small! Do you do it by hand or do you use a gadget?

  6. How do you add more veggies and like them? I can't stand salads from the lack of taste. Trying to eat better this year.

  7. Luna Bahlo says:

    Please do more of them I love this idea because it is super easy and healthy!

  8. leann Brady says:

    they all look so good, thanks

  9. Levi Bulgar says:

    These are awesome!! So easy!! I just tried your Orzo Mediterranean and Salmon Quinoa cold lunches and they’re awesome. Adding these to my list!!

  10. Helen Perez says:

    Mooooooore!! Thank you.

  11. That's what I do with my crockpot chicken! Revolutionized my meal prep and I learned it from you! You're the best Kevin!!👍hope you're year is blessed😁

  12. More of these gems! Loved the Greek idea, do you use low-fat feta?

  13. Tanda Marian says:

    When I was meal prepping every single day, this is what I was doing, as well! Great advice for people wanting to stay consistent. Love your videos, btw; Always exciting, to the point, and useful!

  14. J S says:

    Got your app love it great meal. Ideas totally in need of this video

  15. Cesar Perez says:

    Cool. I'll be trying these out. But I'll most probably keep the meat separate so I can hear it up before eating.

  16. 27Dupree27 says:

    Wow…..well I love them all I'd just replace the bison with shrimp or tuna and replace the dairy products with vegan yogurt or vegan cheese….now I wish I brought romaine lettuce last night……♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Dominique says:

    Greek dish looks good. Do you have a sub for tomatoes?

  18. Love this concept! I’d love to se more examples in a future video!

  19. Please make more of these I'm really trying to keep it simple

  20. Hey Kevin! Loved, loved, loved the video. This is exactly what your girl needed on this weight loss/health rejuvenation journey. These recipes are REAL! lol. I mean real talk…..they're quick, easy, affordable and something that I know I would definitely eat. I'll eat both of em! I'm excited to try the bison too! I never had any before. Another bombastic, boomtastic video!

  21. Brandon C says:

    Yesss just the video I was looking for

  22. Jason Bean says:

    How you been! Hella good to see you.:)

  23. Wou.ddeer next be a opportunity

  24. These are great! Please make more

  25. Awesome, I can't decide, all three look great! Haven't used bison in awhile will definitely get some next time at the market. Thanks!

  26. CrushClaw says:

    Nice content man. Just wanted to let you know that the yoghurt/cucumber/garlic sauce is called Tzatziki. The original recipe has white wine vinegar and has no dill ( But i agree that dill gives it extra flavour). For maximum flavor get a towel and strain the grated cucumber in the tower. Thumbs up.

  27. redbaron671 says:

    Bamboo shoots, some sauteed eggplant and bell pepper with a red curry sauce.

  28. Thank you for these! I love the app!

  29. Could you make some vids about sweets but kind of healthy?

  30. I really appreciate you making dairy free meals !😊I got here early 2 persons to like and 4 to comment btw love your recipes

  31. Fit Men Cook says:

    Booom! Another one. Let me know which meal is your favorite, post comments below. 😀👍

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