4 Easy Veggie-Packed Dinners

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37 Responses

  1. Are my headphones broken

  2. Thought my fucking speakers where off.

  3. Esla 188 says:

    The kids will never know!!! Buahahahaaa!

  4. aisha S. says:

    I turned the volume up really high and still couldn't hear anything. I like it better this way.

  5. Wow its the best music I've ever heard. I should learn this on piano

  6. Thank you for making me thinking I broke my phone speaker…..

  7. fathona said says:

    no background sound 👍🏻

  8. I just checked my earphone twice while watching this…lol no audio huh

  9. Peppy: "It's quiet. Too quiet"

  10. I thought it said vegan

  11. You call this veggie?
    The music lmao

    Oh. I get it!

    The whole video is a joke!
    Haha. Nice one guys!

    Please don't do it again.

  12. Liked the song but where is it

  13. The title of this video is all wrong! .It has nothing to do with veggie packed anything, or even good flavor. This video should be titled "how to sneak veggies into your picky kid's food". Click bate.

  14. I thought am gone a deaf😂😂😂😂

  15. T H I C C says:

    Omg I love this song.

  16. as -maa- says:

    plz the name of the song

  17. Not a demon says:

    Where is the audio sauce?

  18. Not a demon says:

    I said bin juice food not vegan food

  19. Isn't the cheese making with milk? How can it be vegan

  20. VeryMoistMan says:

    Licensed via Audio Network"

  21. Summer Myst says:

    SO THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HEAR MYSELF THINKING I love it thanks you guys!

  22. HYST3R1AA _ says:

    Am i suppose to imagine the song or sound when the food is being prepared?

  23. Kim Dobben says:

    U scared the shit out of me I thought my phone was broken

  24. “Veggie packed”
    All but one recipe is not vegetarian
    Literally just sneaking 2 carrots into normal unhealthy foods.

  25. Jibril Aziz says:

    I thought my ear buds were broke 😂 but there's just no audio must be a editing mistake

  26. Ultra Gamer says:

    Love the music Can i get a link??? Silence Is shook

  27. SASI KALA says:

    I don't like that Mac & cheese

  28. AngelikA says:

    I see here more meat than veggie packed dinners

  29. nice background music tho. where did you guys find them ?

  30. JOAN G V says:

    Why is this video without music??

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