Jamie’s Top 5 Healthy Tips | Quick & Easy | Jamie Oliver

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  1. Sandyman B says:

    Just for everybody info. Brown bread or pasta will not help you lose weight as it doesn't contain any less calories, in most cases they have more calories per serving. However, there is no doubt it is healthier, just make sure you don't go eating a loaf of brown bread thinking its the same as two slices of white.

  2. thedr00 says:

    Jamie's test kitchen is nicer than everyone's normal kitchen. Loved the tips though, thanks bud!

  3. Noah R says:

    the god has spoken!

  4. Thank you so much for such useful tips.

  5. Zagica says:

    Dairy is unhealthy. It has lots of fats, kazein, wich is in milk and dairy prevents absorbsion of iron into the body. Not only that, human body can't get calcium from dairy and that's why it takes calcium from bones, hence osteroporosis in the parts of the world, where they consume most dairy and milk.

  6. willallen27 says:

    Hardly reinventing the wheel here Jamie!

  7. Erica Erixon says:

    There is this super delicious mix I buy with red rice, brown rice, red quinoa, white quinoa, green lenses, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and buckwheat. Whenever I can, I use that

  8. Hi Jamie! can you make bechamel with olive oil?

  9. Keep it up jamie! You're really awesome! Appreciate the tips 😁👌

  10. Josh Neville says:

    Wholewheat is great, and I personally love a Honey Soaked Bloomer, but eating Rye & Spelt bread will give you SO MUCH more nutrition. I make it myself with this recipe: https://www.thesimplelifeblog.net/single-post/2017/11/11/Making-the-switch-to-Rye-and-Spelt-flours
    p.s. I love the tip of using extra-virgin olive oil instead of butter. I've started doing this in baked goods after reading Jamie's 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food.

  11. here come all the health experts in the comments section.

  12. naznyc says:

    Ghee instead of butter is great too

  13. xander witt says:

    The rice…🤔 @jamieoliver try to change the white for wild red rice and you will never want your white one again with any dish. The taste of that with meat or with nuts ….pffff 1 million times better.

  14. I find it mind puzzling that Jamie who appears and pretend to be an expert in health food. That he promote eating and consuming animals and animal products.

  15. jan king says:

    Can't stand brown bread or brown pasta….nothing tastes more like cardboard that than that crap….well unless you buy Maccas and I don't buy that either

  16. 1. Whole-grain bread. 2. Whole-grain pasta 3. Whole-grain rice 4. Vegan Mayo? 5. Olive oil, not butter.

  17. Blake _1988 says:

    Having watched this. I'm swapping my wife for brown, hopefully I'll see the benefits.

  18. John 17 says:

    This feels like a video from 2005 or so.

  19. sorry Jamie, but mayo is not replaceable 🙂

  20. Thank you Jamie for you fantastic Food and best regards from Poland

  21. 2761PASTOR says:

    thanks Jamie!!!!!!!

  22. Magda Sim says:

    mass, industrial manufactured olive oil is crap these days. Stay away.

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