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  1. jennsaa says:

    Can you use just a normal blender instead of a hand held one? Love the recipes 😍

  2. Ishan Ali says:

    damn! they look so good!

  3. I am so appreciate of your inclusiveness for people who don't currently live a vegan lifestyle. I am not vegan but want to be someday soon. Your attitude towards veganism is very encouraging. It's been very cool to see your journey into veganism and hear your thoughts on it. It's tough to decide if being vegan is right for you when there are some vegan you tubers who talk down to those who aren't.

  4. You make me wanna go vegan haha

  5. When you started to cut the avocado I immediately remember the time you were singing this song and suddenly from nowhere it started hahha 😀

  6. Hey Grace! I know this isn't about the video but I am new to the gym and I'm finding squatting painful. I feel pain in my hips when i squat. I was wondering if you knew of something that could help this… or do my hips genetically not let me squat?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Loving this new grace in the kitchen series you’ve started doing 👌🏼👌🏼💖

  8. light master says:

    Love you, Grace- You motivated me to go plant based and I feel great.. keep sharing these amazing recipes 💞

  9. Is there any alternative to banana? These look so amazing I just sadly despise bananas😂😂 also that avocado song will never leave my head hahah

  10. pikapiku says:

    omg the chocolate mousse


  12. These looks so yummy oh my God😍😍😍 will be trying on the weekend xxx🤗🤗💗

  13. This is literally perfect for me right now 💕 been craving some desserts, thank you grace

  14. Look at that nails 💅👌
    Definitely I will try this desserts !!!

  15. Ola says:

    Have you tried making black bean brownies or chickpea cookies? Highly recommend!

  16. I needed this. 10/10. Thank you.

  17. Claire Lewis says:

    Brb making all of these

  18. Amy says:


  19. Laura Tucsek says:

    Thanks Grace!! I’m gonna try these out!! Tomorrow i’m going to do the mug brownie 😍 please do more videos like this it’s really helpful!!

  20. I actually really want to go vegan as soon as possible (It can't be a thing for another week or so) so these videos have been suuuuuupppper helpful!

  21. little lonny says:

    Love you and your videos soooo much, Grace! 😍

  22. lelele01 says:

    When the avocado song was on 😂😂😂

  23. Always blessing our lives- seriously needed this

  24. Aww Aaron's so sweet, glad you picked a good one!

  25. You are my favorite youtube and you inspire me so much! I'm so glad I found your channel and I would love to own your resistance bands soon! When's the restock??

  26. Such a good video!! 💛💛(And aaron is so hot u guys are such a cute couple)

  27. I'm so proud of your Veganism 🙂 You & Aaron are precious together. Although your recipes look scrummy, I couldn't take my eyes off your fab fingernails. POW!

  28. Jillian M says:

    Walked in the door from school & Grace uploaded. Major improvement in my day.

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