Easy Healthy Meal Prep Ideas!

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  1. romeosjewel says:

    Love your meal prep and cleaning vlogs!

  2. Omg Carter was so amazing with his word cards! Would love to see a video about how you worked with him on those

  3. And yes the instant pot is well worth it! I can make lentils or dry beans in like 20 minutes and it’s so much cheaper than buying cans!

  4. Just made the quiche and it’s so good and so easy!! Life changer for hubby who leaves early in the morning for work, he just grabs it and he’s out the door!

  5. Baby carter is getting so smart, bright and talking more! I can tell he's a fast-learner. Great video, Brittany and the healthy food looked delicious! Thanks for sharing. Crazy how all three kids are around the same age down to the very week.

  6. alexpoe666 says:

    Carter!!! 😍❤️

  7. broch anjow says:

    I love your channel. I always look forward for some new videos, seeing you and your cute family. Please do some Buddha Bowles. Greetings from Germany

  8. your legs are my goals lol

  9. I love jackbox games! Quiplash and murder trivia is my favorite!

  10. It’s not fair that y’all can eat cilantro 😩 I have the soap gene

  11. Nicky Abrams says:

    In Australia pool fences are compulsory! I can't believe in the states they are optional. So many kids have accidentally drowned every year. Glad you put one up!

  12. I used to love cojita until I found out how it's made……

  13. Shelby Baber says:

    I would love Whole30 meal prep!

  14. Love your meal prep videos! Please do more they help me out so much 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness that's a smart little boy! Special Quiche trick: brush a delicious mustard into pie crust before filling. Tiny step that makes a big difference. I love your lunch prep ideas, thanks again girl!

  16. Wendy S. says:

    Carter is going to be so smart ❤

  17. Yes Insta pot is amazing!

  18. Lisa Wade says:

    I've heard people including children have been severely burned when the pot was opened but not cool enough. It sounds extremely hazardous to me.

  19. The Osburns says:

    Carter is the sweetest and so smart

  20. Denee Denee says:

    Instant pot is the best. Best way to make chilli and rice and makes he best hard boiled eggs!

  21. @vasseurbeauty how do you keep your veggies stored after you open them? Sorry I don't do much cooking

  22. Suhi R says:

    Oh my goodness I'm sooo proud of Carter! He's picking up things so quick! You've inspired me to do this with my future kids.

  23. Judy K says:

    will be making the breakfast quiche,thank you for taking us along on your trip ,will be checking out your friends pod cast

  24. Brit, your videos are becoming so much fun to watch BECAUSE of all the lighthearted and truly honest ways of how you do things, AND I like how you include family and friends in your videos. You are diong really good and becoming more pro.

    Jan. 21, 2018

  25. Oh my goodness baby heaven !!!!! Oh my goodness again, carter definitely knows his cards , that is so clever !!!!

  26. Luz Acosta says:

    Brittany, I have an Instant Pot and I don’t know how I lived without it for so long. I use it every SINGLE DAY and I love it so much. You could do meal prep for the week in minutes. I suggest to definitely buy it and test some recipes!

  27. Where do you store your meals freezer or Fridge? Just worried about keeping it past 3 days In the fridge

  28. jmconant says:

    Yes!!! The instant pot was a Godsend when my son was a newborn. My job was a 6am shift, so slow cookers didn’t work for me (I could barely wake up for work, let alone prep the slow cooker) It just worked better for me to cook after work. And it’s still very handy to make quick, healthy meals. I always love to see what others come up with in regards to the instant pot, so I would love to see what recipes you come up with for it 👍🏽

  29. That's in Arizona I recognize the area lol

  30. I found you today on my I phone while waiting for my 14 year old twins to finish their basketball tryouts and I literally fell in love with you and all your amazing videos.
    So far I have watched 12 videos and can’t wait to tell all my friends about how helpful and enjoyable every one has been so far. I live in Long Island, N.Y
    and your accent reminds me so much of my great college years spent at BYU in Provo Utah 💕. Your son Carter
    is the most adorable baby and reminds me so much of my oldest son Joseph who is now 24.

  31. Diane Wilson says:

    Instant pot is a definite must! I have had mine for over a year now, and use multiple times a week. I’d advise joining Instant pot community on Facebook…so many ideas and recipes…a lot of people even use to make popcorn, although I don’t know if you’d want the hubs to commandeer appliance lol

  32. Krista Marie says:

    GIRL YES!!! My instapot is a life savor! One of the best cooking appliances I've gotten. Cuts down on cooking time so much

  33. Carter turned 1 already. So sweet. Time flies. He is a clever little thing by the looks of it. ❤️❤️❤️xx

  34. Carter is the most adorable baby ever he has always loved to laugh and smile. Great parents 💙 Too cute very smart I love this about you guys teaching him every day something new💙 I just want to hug him😘

  35. Make the quiche this morning and it is excellent! Thanks for the recommendation. I checked two grocery stores though and couldn’t find a whole wheat pie crust. I’m going to try Whole Foods next time!

  36. Nada Metoca says:

    Long time viewer, first time commenter. Love your channel! I'd love to hear more about your favorite and least favorite baby stuff. Love the cooking/recipe videos!

  37. sas2791 says:

    Can’t believe I’ve watched You since before you were pregnant and now Carter is all grown up!

  38. Your baby is so cute 🤗🤗


  40. Naila Hafiz says:

    Hi Brittany, it would be good to see Carter's meal prep/plan too. Please do share, love from UK xxxx

  41. I love the quiche veggie idea. Thanks!

  42. Your the most amazing, beautiful and caring mom ever!!

  43. Sarah Tac says:

    Can you do a video of how you encourage language development so early on

  44. Look delicious 😍💙

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