Healthy Versions of Unhealthy Snacks

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43 Responses

  1. *healthier not healthy Tasty.

    There’s a difference 🙂

  2. Charlie 101 says:

    I’m allergic to all these but the chicken wings and I don’t like spicy stuff

  3. The Sweet potato chips sound amazing and look easy to make.

  4. Emani Nunez says:

    How is a dead animal healthy? Fuck off lol

  5. blasian tay says:


  6. Elijah Ting says:

    Lets be honest, we all came here because we were hungry and saw buffalo wings 😉

  7. Maia Papaya says:

    wait but like how are these healthy

  8. Marinade ur wings in spicy sauce for better results

  9. Technically that’s even worse because Greek yogurt is bad for you

  10. horses4555 says:

    Yeah cause coating everything in oil and cheese is really healthy.

  11. So adding celery next to buffalo wings makes it healthy?
    lol okay

  12. bb 2 says:

    If I live in Europe I can find these thing

  13. MOBI says:

    0:44 When I gotta poop

  14. Jodat Khan says:

    What kind of hot sauce you used for wings?

  15. s d says:

    How did you know that am on a diet !!!since i 've started you are posting such videos😂😂

  16. eR says:

    "healthy versions"

    "Peanut Butter"


  17. Kevin Shaw says:

    Lmao those aren’t buffalo wings. Buffalo sauce is butter and hot sauce mixed together, there is no way to make it healthy. The wings they made were just wings dipped in hot sauce.

  18. Noah B.-Wall says:

    Peanut butter chocolate chip what?

  19. Marissa says:

    These arent necessarily “healthy” but things that that they make look healthy

  20. If I see the broccoli n cheese bites one more time … 😒


  22. oh it has green stuff in it…. must be healthy

  23. Ravenheart says:

    Dont u try fool me I will never eat Broccoli not even when you crush them in dust and cover them in cheese NEVER

  24. Love the effort Tasty puts into their videos! Great recipes 😍👍🏻

  25. All recipes are like yumm. Nice one.

  26. Suddenly think float eeecie wrist mystery possibility British appeal harm.

  27. Is it just me who thinks that blended cashews does not count as cookie dough?

  28. akurokus says:

    "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" my ass bitch thats Hummus with chocolate

  29. Wolf Pup says:

    is this healthy or is it just not unhealthy?

  30. You wanna know where the best wing restaurant is. In Atlanta there is a place called wingnuts I grew up going there but the one in Morrow. 👌the spiciest flavor is best my mouth is watering just thinking about it. They don’t even drain any of the sauce! It’s so saucy yet so crispy! 😩💦

  31. Just waiting for the healthy part 🙂

  32. seems not very healthy with all the cheese and oil…

  33. Dragonias says:

    Nothing like having a Hershey's snack pack commercial before watching this 😛

  34. Wait… how is the first recipe healthy? That’s literally just the recipe for buffalo wings….. Now that I think about it, how are any of these healthy?

  35. D RY says:

    That chicken is not healthy at all

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