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In Todays video I will show you what I packed for my husband’s lunch box this whole week from Monday to Friday. These are very quick and easy recipe ideas .If you do a little bit of preparation ahead you can prepare these lunch boxes in 10- 15 minutes.If you are bachelor, working couples or even you can pack these for your kids lunch box.
So I have made Vegetable Appe, Lemon Rice, Masala Chaas, Baigan Bharta and multigrain Parathas, Chana masala and Vegetable Upma.
Hope you enjoy the video and get some ideas from it.

Link to the Appe Pan. I bought this one from Amazon. This is not a affiliate link.…

Puffed rice Recipe you will find in this video

Baigan Bharta recipe you will find in this video

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  1. Thankyou to each and everyone for sending so much love and support. I am much better. Guilty of not being able to reply for last few days.I will make sure to reply to each one as soon I can.

  2. Roshani Shah says:

    Glad to see your video after so long
    Was eagerly waiting for this
    Very nice video
    Can u make a video on entertaining toddler at home like game ideas and other ideas to keep them busy.
    M running out of ideas for my 2.5 years old.
    Thanks so much dear πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Nice video…vegetable appe I want to try it. Thank you…looking forward to new videos.

  4. U made chutney night before ?

  5. Not only healthy n tasty.. ur recipes are visual treat also.

  6. Pls uplod more videio like this.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  7. Disha Saxena says:

    Lovely to see you after long…be healthy be blessed…
    These recipes were awesome please keep sharing more videos on this topic.

  8. Sara N says:

    No words to admire u sister… u r my mentor u r love.. 😍
    Learning alot from u n getting better day by day..
    Just want to ask one thing that my dough becomes dark n hard when i put it in refrigerater n so is the roti… is there any solution for that…?

  9. Good one… How r you now..?☺️

  10. teja ashwini says:

    Hi… v good video, but the link to appe pan is not working, can u pls help me with it… thank u

  11. pmsuja says:

    Yahhhhhh. Glad you are back and doing well 😍

  12. aman vora says:

    as usual superb vlog…u inspired me a lot..God bless u and your familyπŸ‘πŸ‘β˜Ί

  13. Hi when r u come in india n video

  14. whippoorwill says:

    I love this channel! It really helps when you say the english name of the spices, because sometimes I'm not sure which ones you're using. Thanks for the amazing recipes!

  15. Kavitha Jay says:

    Wow awesome recipes Anu ..Thank you for sharing with us πŸ™‚

  16. Nazir Younas says:

    Plz make video of daily routine plz plz plz. Good ideas for lunch.thanks alot😊

  17. just a click says:

    mam I love ur videos

  18. Today I made lemon rice for lunch and apes for breakfast

  19. Iam ur new subscriber frm South India…ur awesome…verynice videos….happy to see nd hear tht ur following our own tradition nd customs…god blesss….plz if ur vidoes are in hindi put subtitles as i am frm Chennai…congrats…..

  20. Amra Asif says:

    Aap ke hubby bohath lucky

  21. I misser ur video pl upkoas atleast 3 video in a week

  22. Hello ma'am!!! You are amazing. I'm very big fan of you… My question is how to prepare dosa batter?

  23. Ishika Garg says:

    Was waiting for ur weekly food routine and i got it. Yayy. Hope u r doing well now. Love u lots and lots😘

  24. Awesome Video.
    BTW Which rice you use for idli or dosa?

  25. Anita Pillai says:

    Loved this vlog. 😊

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