Fried Chicken Recipe | Easy and Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe by Our Grandpa | Grandpa Kitchen

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  1. Lisa Torres says:

    I just absolutely love and adore you grandpa. You are truly an angel in disguise. When I view your videos, a sense of peace overwhelms my body. You make the world that much better. I'm not in India but I feel the love all the way here in America. Keep up the good work.

  2. OPM says:

    You are a hero

  3. Thanks we are doing well, waiting for next video

  4. how can someone dislike this u got a new subscriber an halo from switzerland

  5. you should never wash chicken like that wtf

  6. Jojo Rasheed says:

    الف عافية جدو 😊

  7. الله يعطيك الصحة ويقدرك على فعل الخير

  8. Nice English with good recipe

  9. First wash da chicken
    (Cha chaaa)

    Then spice the chicken
    (Cha chaaa)

    Then fry the chicken
    (Cha Cha)

    And serve the chicken
    (Cha Cha)

    Then eat the chicken
    (Cha Cha)


  10. All those who disliked it are those who can't fucking cook and no fucking passion

  11. Saketh VEVO says:

    GFC : Grandpa's Fried Chicken

  12. 仙人亀 says:


  13. Creo que si usarán una mesa de trabajo lo harían más rápido 🙂 saludos desde México 🇲🇽

  14. I want to taste ur recipes. Bcz of health problems i should eat only soft diet. Iam Watching ur videos while eating curd rice😢

  15. Lucas Pile says:

    You are making thos kids day

  16. Wow Yummy fried chicken. Thankq grandpa & boys.

  17. A man with millions blessings

  18. Wow grandpa u are really great cook..more than gordon ramsay

  19. ادعو له بالهداية يمكن الله يهديه ويسلم رجال طيب قليل امثاله

  20. 油はどこに捨ててるのかな?

  21. Arturo Asmat says:

    I'm a big fan of grandpa, but I want to make a recommendation. I understand that they do a good job and that is very good, but a long time ago I see and the grandfather has no teeth. It would be good to buy a denture so you can taste the wonderful dishes he cooks. Please buy some false teeth, the grandfather needs it and his feeding at that age should be chewed and not eat whole. Help him please.

  22. Abi. luna says:

    Admirable, bendiciones de lo alto 👆🙌

  23. JANE FOX says:


  24. FOod STars says:

    We love and appreciate ,💖
    Grandpa's cooking 😍

  25. where is the Micheal creech😕

  26. Seeing kids face of happiness makes my day thank you grand pa may God give u blessings

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