3 Easy Recipes for Picky Eaters/ recipes for toddlers / Easy Kid Friendly Meals

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25 Responses

  1. AndreaAndLilAjjTv
    I'm so glad you made this video
    Because Ashton is so picky it's crazy and I just be like ughhhhhhhhhh lol

  2. This hair style suits you!

  3. Love, love, love these ideas. My son would eats these up with no problem. Also I'm loving the hair.

  4. Teshia Davis says:

    Girl you are looking fierce love ya hair and makeup. I have a picky eater thanks for the tips

  5. Cheryl Neal says:

    You look so cute! Wish you were my little sister!

  6. Alysha Jones says:

    thanks for this video. I believe I was one of the people that asked you about picky eaters.

  7. Love your hair girl. TFS.

  8. Nina Rose says:

    You are the complete package , girl . Xoxo 😚

  9. What great and easy ideas I am definitely gonna have to try these with my grandson

  10. thank you for the tips will use them all for my kids. You are so beautiful.

  11. loving the hair!❤️ i'm starving now! haha😂

  12. I make those for my kids also and they love them!!! I Also make homemade pizza rolls like that too and put them in the air fryer!!

  13. I love your hair! 😍

  14. Ree Smit says:

    Thanks so much for the tips! You look just like your mom, I think it's the hair, nice😊

  15. Yes yes I will definitely try the pigs in the blankets. So hungry now.

  16. Those breakfast ones dipped in maple syrup. Oh my goodness. That would be so good.

  17. It’s Me says:

    These are great tips and ideas… Keep those great cooking videos coming…😄

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