Healthier Pasta 4 Ways

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30 Responses

  1. I tried out the first one. Came out beautiful . thank you for the recipe .

  2. It's fun to find all the triggered Italians in the comment section

  3. gha da says:

    I tried the Alfredo pasta i add some Italian seasoning n omfg its so awesome 👏🏻

  4. Kluska says:

    All vegetables los their vitamins and other good microelements if someone fry them. But that recipes are amazing!

  5. What can I use instead of wine? I really don´t like wine.

  6. Muskan Gupta says:

    I tried the first three and they turned out pretty darn amazing!

  7. Are those ugly white borders necessary?

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂Am I the only one who doesn't have some of the main ingredients at home??

  9. Skeliath says:

    Skim milk isn't necessarily healthier btw.

  10. None of this is healthy….

  11. Those tomatoes looks like red cockroaches

  12. What is the music piece used for this video? I really like it. Also, the food is amazing and I want all of it

  13. Julia S says:

    Do you guys think I can use whole milk instead of almond milk?

  14. HeyItzHannah says:

    My two favorites would probably be the tomato spinach pasta and the healthier chicken alfredo pasta <33

  15. Water Bubble says:

    The first and third has lots of oil in it and the second and fourth has lots of cheese in it.
    I would never call that healthy

  16. The video should have been called vegan pasta 4 ways

  17. Derpy Donut says:

    dude stop i’m hungry now my mom will call me obese

  18. Why did they put wine in pasta first it is
    Alcohol so it not ligule and iwe that is gross

  19. Kuzzikan009 says:

    That third recipe, first thing that was baked was whoever came up with it.

  20. Dem says:

    the first 3 seemed to be vegan friendly too

  21. Still To much oil. But looks good.

  22. Fate cagare voi e quella sbobba di merda che chiamate pasta. E noi più stronzi che ci siamo fatti sodomizzare da questi 4 coglioni che non sanno nemmeno fare una cazzo di pasta con il sugo.

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