Healthy Cooking with the Instant Pot | EP38 Camper Van Life

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  1. What’s your favorite cooking gadget? We love our Instant Pot:
    Check Out Our Book:

  2. I must say that your videos are very informative and educational along with being entertaining. I would like to ask something kind of off record for this video because I went to the Tampa RV show loaded with all the wisdom that I have picked up from watching all of your videos. I looked at 10 dealers and I believe over 50 class "B" vans. I love the configuration of the HYMER at least for my situation, but I have to say that it being a German made coach, I was disappointed in the quality of cabinets and finish it had for the price compared to some of the competition. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you and keep up the Great informative videos.

  3. Yum! We love our instant pot and I’ve always been impressed with your cooking skills and clean eating. Thanks for sharing!

  4. John Marucci says:

    Really good video. Please do more cooking with the Instant Pot while on the road videos.

  5. Joe, you share the coffee passion with my husband, Uli! Have you ever tried roasting your own beans? Uli has a little coffee roaster from Sweet Maria’s Coffee in Cali. And Sweet Maria’s offers amazing beans from around the world! He’s been roasting for two years now and I don’t think he’ll ever go back to store bought, no matter how fresh,. Also, he is seriously thinking of taking our Jura Impressa Z6 coffee maker on the road with us. It’s kind of a space hog, but at least one of us can’t imagine a morning without it. I’m just as happy with our Aerobie Coffee Press or a French press. Anyway, I just joined your family on Patreon, so I look forward to following you all. Hugs to Leo. I understand he has a health condition. We understand the anxiety and concern of having pets. We lost our 10 year old GSD to hemangiosarcoma on December 7th. On Tuesday we welcomed a new member into the family…a sweet little Schipperke girl who will hit the road with us in our Cougar 5th wheel, when Uli finishes with chemo in (hopefully) April. Happy and Safe Trails To You!

  6. Great Video! I take my instatpot on the road too and I also use a electric kettle… don't leave home without them. What do you use when boondocking tho? Will your converted solar power run the instapot and kettle? (I haven't tried yet)

  7. Ron Howes says:

    Oops. Making note to self to read all the comments before jumping in. Al Ewers beat me to the punch on the can opener. We use a battery operated one from one of those TV commercials that says "but wait, there's more …"

  8. Ron Howes says:

    That "old camping can opener" was actually a WWII item, included with the "C" rations for the soldiers. As you discovered, they still make them.

  9. Jamie Godwin says:

    I remember there was some talk of Kait doing an instant pot cookbook. How is that progressing?

  10. M. D. Grimes says:

    We enjoyed this video, thanks you guys. Best to Leo.

  11. Donna says:

    I use that same tiny manual can opener! Bought it bc it doesn’t require electricity but use it all the time now, love the simplicity.

  12. Loved this.  I also liked the clip on the paper towel roll.  We can learn so much from each other.

  13. I love WTR day ,  I look forward to it every week. I am an Instant Pot Junkie thanks to you Kate. I purchased one after I saw how many great things Kate was cooking up. I love making all plant based Vegan soups and stews. Thanks for sharing. see ya next week

  14. debinvenice says:

    Yay! Kooking with Kait is back!

  15. An Kait knows how to use a “John Wayne Can Opener”! Outstanding OhRah

  16. Love love it. Just how we love to eat. We are also planning a van life in a Roadtrek and appreciate the tips. Already have an IPot and use it continuously. Do you pack any other pans? I actually cannot think of another pan you would need. Check out this recipe. You could substitute salmon for the shrimp. Thanks for sharing!

  17. It was total click bait!!! Kate didn’t share the recipe and worst yet we had to endure another video of Joe making coffee.

  18. PJ D says:

    My favorite cooking gadget is my Instant Pot too! Love, love, love it. As I'm writing this I am having some pea soup made in the IP, and it is delicious.
    I make all my veggies in my IP, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, collards, and I usually only put them on to cook for 2 minutes. I do however, dice potatoes/sweet potatoes, carrots into a big dice, and throw in some frozen beans, all cooked at the same time, works great! Vegetable soups are great too, I have cut my meats way down, I may have it once or twice a week, but mainly try to stick to plant base meals, and I too have lost 40lbs., feel much better too!

  19. A G says:

    That can opener you mentioned, Kait, is The P-38, developed in 1942, a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s. Originally designed for and distributed in the K-ration, it was later included in the C-ration. As of 2017, it is still in production and sold on a worldwide market.

  20. Liz Childers says:

    Oh, and we LOVE our Instant Pots. I have a 6qt AND a 3 qt. The little one definitely goes into our little Casita camper when we are out camping.

  21. Liz Childers says:

    Enjoyed. Thanks. Am wondering…what is with all the Sardines? BTW, we grind and feed our dogs raw food and add some sardines to their food a couple times a week.

  22. You do not have to store eggs in the fridge. I always have them in a cupboard and I store many.

  23. Randall Hall says:

    Who dented you Berky.

  24. Love, love, love all of your videos!!! I could tell that Joe has lost a lot of weight–looking good. But I think Kate needs to eat more calories!
    We cook for our dog too, and would also be interested in seeing a video about what you feed Leo and how you prepare it.

    We look forward to Wednesdays for a new video!!!

  25. Size for your instant pot? It's hard to tell what is adequate for two people, and we like leftovers (but not TOO many leftovers!) Enjoyed your book, you write like you talk in your videos and that adds a level of authenticity that's refreshing. Safe travels!

  26. Jim Temple says:

    Just started following you two the other day. Saw you on drivin and vibin
    Love you so far

  27. Urbanwarrior says:

    Great video! Been wanting to see how you utilize such a small fridge to help us decide which class B to we should buy.

  28. Eating out 2-3 times a month? That's amazing! Save a truck load of $$$ and keeps u healthy. Just like u said…lots of stuff that does not need refrigeration, usually it's fresh food that will be consumed quicker like fruits and veggies. You guys have it down packed. This works even for us at home. Thank you. Great advices as always👍👍

  29. Love, Love, Love y'alls vids. Safe Travels!

  30. upfreaks says:

    For Euro zone countries (220 volts) the Instant Pot is available through their UK site: 
    (that is if they ever actually have them in stock)

  31. Clancy Girl says:

    It's been fun to watch your videos and see all along you've used the Instant Pot. Now it's the biggest craze. I'm not one to fall for kitchen gadgets but this one I may have to get. Thanks for the video. Really enjoyed it! Hi Leo! ♡

  32. Cooking with Kait would be a great book title! Love how you’ve infused Asian & Italian to create some unique van life dishes. Well done ✔️

  33. Make a beef pot roast in your cool cooker1

  34. Another great video, guys! A big hug to Leo!

  35. MrSkooty1968 says:

    Andddddddd… everything in you fridge is wrapped in plastic :o(

  36. Janet Taylor says:

    I recently got an Instant pot and it has revolutionized my cooking. Thanks for sharing

  37. ae4xo says:

    shameless book plug in the foreground. love it lol

  38. tnecniv says:

    Checked flannel shirt

  39. ArtBeHereNow says:

    make sure not farm raised salmon, it's loaded with toxins because of what they are fed.

  40. zero says:

    I knew you lost weight!

  41. Desert Foxx says:

    Leo needs a bowl too..;)

  42. How come you have a wedding band on and Kate does not? Just curious?

  43. Why don’t you Keurig?

  44. Summer or Winter, I never ever keep my eggs in the fridge. You'd safe a ton of space if you kept them out and if your that worried about them being off, test them in a deep bowl of water. If they stay at the bottom then their ok to use.

  45. Jet Alaska says:

    P-38 Army can opener

  46. ThatGirlCal says:

    I totally agree about the measuring of food to gain a better idea of a serving size. I am 2-3 weeks into a new focus on only having a measured serving size of each item I eat & I have lost almost 9 pounds. No additional exercise. I would suggest it's just simply a dramatic reduction in my daily calories as I've always eaten healthy however I knew portion control was my issue.

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