1 Week of Vegan Dinner Ideas + Life Update

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  1. hey guys! 😀 happy weekend. ❤️ recorded this from SLC but I'm in Boulder now – any friends live in the area???

  2. Rican Eats says:

    great vid, love the rice noodle one..love love love rice noodles…safe travels!!

  3. Nomnomnom! Great receipes, I will def try out the cauliflower

  4. lily hilz says:

    you should make more vlog styled videos !!

  5. akittensmeow says:

    Wow all of these look amazing, I’m a waitress so I barely have time to cook, but are you coming out with a recipe book? I’d definitely buy

  6. codybear4you says:

    You can find the vegan meats in Asian grocery stores in the freezer section.

  7. Lanie says:

    Your Rose Bowl tank is so cute. You are so cute. Top notch. Amazing

  8. Nancy Plants says:

    That ramen look gooooood. 😋

  9. is it me or does sarah look like gal gadot, the women that plays wonder woman

  10. LeLouBeauty says:

    I just saw a video yesterday about a company making vegan shrimp that tastes realistic. They said it’d be out early 2018 so maybe this is it? If not, there’s another one coming out soon ☺️

  11. Soy shrimp? I think I've seen them at the Asian markets. Definitely looking next time I go!

  12. gdeluca says:

    wowoowowwo lemme get all of this plz. dammmmmmm

  13. Come to Dallas 🙃🤓….You are so my friend in my head

  14. I seriously love love love your recipes!!

  15. I LOVE THE FRONT BOTTOMS! I have seen them live a few times and I highly recommend! Being a jersey girl, I have some friends that went to college with them and I am sooooo close to meeting them. Enjoy your trip! 😘

  16. Really like this video. It's a nice change have to try the Mac and cheese look sooo yam!

  17. Lizzy Turner says:

    U make the kind of food I LOVE. Thankful to know you love tofu as much as I do

  18. BTW, you are very brave to travel through the desert  by yourself.  Good for you.  Stay safe and I hope you are having a good time.  🙂

  19. I love all the tofu ideas ❤

  20. I love this omg you legend

  21. What was that Vietnamese place you ordered from? I live in SLC, and I want to try it!!

  22. mm-MM-m!  Love it all.  What CAN'T you do with tofu?  Thank you, Sarah!  Don't stop. 😀

  23. I used to not like mock meat but I’m digging seitan lately 🤤

  24. I’ve never heard of soy shrimp, that’s wild!

  25. Can you promise me that you'll never stop making YouTube videos? You seriously brighten my day

  26. Zion Kohenet says:

    What is with everyone and tofu

  27. Chelsey B says:

    I have been watching you for a long time and I love your channel so much you actually inspired me to try going vegan. Thank you for your videos love you girl

  28. hurleykid83 says:

    So why are you in Utah? 🤔

  29. James Robert says:

    Vegetarian plus has shrimp. They are vegan

  30. Argh… you didn’t tell us why you were road tripping 😱🤪😱I’m nosy … I need to know… lol!

  31. What How says:

    Everything always looks so good <3

  32. We love your shenanigans! 🙂

  33. Always gd to view your videos!

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