Homemade Sushi Dinner for 2

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  1. Alrucards says:

    None of them had wasabi on them.😧

  2. I looovvveeee sushi 😀

  3. Nghi Nguyen says:

    Wasn’t these clips from the how to throw a sushi party?

  4. Julia Toll says:

    It's 00:15, I have to get up at 6:30 and I don't even like sushi. WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!?

  5. Tord Larrson says:

    none of this is real sushi

  6. The only right one was the salmon kne

  7. Seanpaulnz01 says:

    Is sushi traditionally eaten for dinner? I always thought it was only eaten during the day.

  8. Van's Videos says:

    I was eating a cali roll while watching. It was good.

  9. Zaldy Rheza says:

    More Asian food please….

  10. You mean 'Homemade Sushi Dinner for 4 Made By 2 People', right?

  11. pinwheel87 says:

    this is just raw fish and rice what the hell is the appeal

  12. To everyone about to or have called this "fake" sushi please understand that this is AMERICAN sushi and is completley different from sushi in Japan. This is what happens when cultures mix, they change.

  13. Not sure if canned tuna will work, when sushi requires high grade sushi grade fish

  14. Awful recipe that sushi is disgusting

  15. Paul Kang says:

    BRO THAT'S NOT SUSHI. THAT'S KOREAN SUSHI. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE AND WE KOREANS APPRICIATE OUR 김빱 TO BE OURS. Not all were kimbab but still man… get your facts right.

  16. Vicki Lin says:

    a philadelphia roll usually uses avocado instead of cucumbers

  17. Shikadi134 says:

    They show you no technique on how to use the sushi roller. TRASH VIDEO

  18. Harry li says:

    White people sushi

  19. No. Just no. says:

    It looks so good xP too bad I don’t have the time to make it ;~;

  20. I'm craving sushi now 😋😛😛😛😛😛😛

  21. Mamun Ashraf says:

    Or just call local sushi place

  22. Moka Jackal says:

    canned tuna? Excuse me?

  23. The Japanese would drink their miso soup straight from the bowl. When was the last time a Chinese soup spoon offered?

  24. Kristen Lps says:

    you had me at spicy tuna

  25. V says:

    japanese cringing hard

  26. Meow Meow says:

    Also… Isn’t the salmon supposed to be raw, and not smoked?

    I’m only asking; I am not trying to offend anyone here…

  27. Meow Meow says:

    I am only asking this question, because I am just wondering…

    Do people really put cream cheese in sushi? If they do, then would the Japanese approve that? Or did they already approve it?

  28. For 2??? This isnt even enough for me xD

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