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I’m often asked WHAT I eat, that I follow an 80/10/10, low fat, raw vegan diet. For a few reasons, most of the time I’m really just enjoying mono meals – they digest well, it’s a good opportunity to savor the unique experience of that particular fruit, AND it’s an extraordinarily easy dish to prep & clean up after (for all us lazy chefs)! I do like and encourage mono meal dieting, AND I also think it’s fun to play with other ingredients here and there. So here I’ve put a new twist on papaya boats with a sweet and savory option!

I love that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a compromise. The number one most important thing to me with whatever diet one chooses is sustainability – for the planet, for the animals and for oneself. Sure many diets “work” for a period of time, but at some point there is a falling off of the wagon – often because there is lack of enjoyment in the designated meals or because one has become undernourished and is simply hungry! What this reveals is evidence of a diet that is unsustainable. With the low fat raw vegan approach I never feel as though I’m missing out. I eat to my mouth and body’s content and always feel satisfied. To me, that is the only model of sustainability.

Whether you desire weight loss, lowered cholesterol, more energy, increased mental clarity, improved digestion, a plant-based diet is worth a try. Keeping ingredients simple and fresh lighten the body’s load and energy is freed up to do the work to shed toxins, excess fat, etc.

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