5 QUICK & EASY HEALTHY SNACKS | nutritional weight loss recipes

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26 Responses

  1. Allegra Shaw says:

    Hey guys! Finally a new video (sorry for the delay). Hope you enjoy these snack ideas, they're some of my favourites! Let me know what you like to munch on in between meals!

  2. Katie Grace says:

    These ideas all look so good πŸ’›

  3. caitlinrouse says:

    the rxbars do not ship to canada πŸ™

  4. Sir Babz says:

    Great video but damn some of that food looks gross lol

  5. your naturally beautiful huni 😍

  6. Enn de Azur says:

    You look so gorgeous even without makeup….simply flawless❀😍

  7. ntina torou says:


  8. That website won’t let me change to Canada:( wanted to test those bars out

  9. gilbert2303 says:

    Allegra. Can you do a booty physique update and booty workout video please

  10. gilbert2303 says:

    Allegra. Can you do a booty physique update and booty workout video please

  11. love this video! could you do a video about what you eat before and after a workout?

  12. Alex Miotto says:

    I love how you edited and put this video together!

  13. Just used your code for the RX bars!! Excited to try them!

  14. milly says:

    they dont ship to canada?? urgh


  16. I love edamame!! I prefer warm food so they're like the perfect warm snack food bc they're so simple to make

  17. H says:

    why does rxbar do sponsorships with Canadian influencers when they DON'T SHIP TO CANADA :(((

  18. Lisa Demytrk says:

    Are there any rx bars that don't have eggwhites in them?

  19. out of all flavors, mixed berry?!?!? girl!!

  20. What the heck youre so pretty and thanks for the suggestions i might try that jam one and the bars

  21. Sara Hanscom says:

    Love this video!πŸ’œ

  22. 2 thumb up for the cauliflower buffalo bites and hazelnut patty. Thanks Allegra.

  23. Hey Allegra! Does RXbar ship to Canada?

  24. The RX code isn't working πŸ™

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