Easy & Quick Vegan Dinner Ideas

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  1. YESSSS just in time for lunch here!! ;D


  2. With these recipes I definitely know what to cook for dinner this week 🌴

  3. why you cook pasta like that?

  4. Omg a new post from liv! I could not be more happy!!!

  5. Jacky Jack says:

    I love this channel! You put so much effort!
    Ps: wow your camera is <3

  6. Hailey B says:

    You look so radiant!!!!

  7. susycapluzzi says:

    What kind of lipstick were you wearing in the intro? Thanks for the recipes! 🙂

  8. Old Soul says:

    The mushrooms look so yummy ohmygod

  9. argh always so cozy meals😍

  10. Lola P says:

    I love your videos so much! Everything looks so yummy and so atheistically pleasing!😂

  11. Ioanna N. says:

    You are so beautiful! ❤

  12. Damn that second recipe left my mouth watering. Drooling over keyboard. Thanks Liv…

  13. Ella Fveeq says:

    Oh gosh. You look so pretty!

  14. Juliette S says:


  15. The One says:

    20 sec. Goodness… what a face… luv the eyes and food great video

  16. When your eyebrows are distant cousins twice removed. Lolol LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  17. Stay awesome. Great video.

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